Your Skin: 8 things sabotaging your skin care results.

sabotaging your skin

Self sabotage of any kind is hard to admit to.

How many times have you started to lose a little weight and then just when that gorgeous black dress was feeling comfortable again you go and binge on chocolate? Or, finally your making headway and getting a few things done at the office, when you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? I know. But what about our skin care results?

When it comes to our skin, to be fair, sometimes the saboteurs are not of our own making, sometimes you’re just never entirely sure if we’re even on the right track at all. Have you chosen the right products? The right ingredients?  Doubt turns to fear and before you know it you begin to feel an uneasy disappointed.
When it comes to skin care there are so many ways to mess things up, often it’s a failure or difficulty in getting the right advice, or perhaps just too much advice. Overwhelm and confusion leave you not knowing what to do.
If you feel this way you’re not alone, which is why today, I’d like to shed a little light on 8 things that could derail or sabotage your skin care results. 


1. Mixing brands.

I don’t care what anyone says, don’t mix up your brands!
Okay, if you’re a self confessed beauty junkie and that’s your thing, then go ahead. But for everyone else?
Well, if you’re looking for a specific result then sticking with a routine designed for you is a good place to start. If they’re good, the company who makes the products you’ve decided to use will have a plan for you. Most good cosmeceutical brands develop their products synergistically.
They’ll even recommend when to use each product. What’s best used at night versus during the day, what order your products should be layered and how much of each product you need. They’ll also offer sound and scientifically proven explanations for the ingredients you’re using and why.

A poorly formulated or wrongly prescribed cleanser and an amazing state-of-the-art serum will not be a match made in heaven! That’s just skin care sabotage. 

2. You skip steps or just skip it all together.

If you’re getting started on a cosmeceutical skin care routine with active ingredients like Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) then it’s a good idea to start slowly, a couple of products at a time and usually on alternating days or nights of the week. This allows your skin to readjust, recalibrate and get back on the straight and narrow.
Once your skin begins to normalise and can tolerate more intensity in the active ingredients it’s important to maintain the routine. Skipping your routine, or just opting to only moisturise before going to bed is going to slow down your results considerably. 

Nothing works while it’s sitting on the bathroom cabinet shelf left to oxidise and become useless. Right?

3. You’re not wearing enough sun protection.

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a hundred times. Wear sun protection. Wear it 365 days of the year. Yep, even in winter. Sure, you may not not be getting burnt during the winter months, but UVA rays (which are longer and penetrate the dermal layer of your skin), do not discriminate. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cloudy day is a safe or UVA free day. This never happens! What does happen is damage to the DNA of your skin cells. Over time this damage accumulates in your skin leading to wrinkles and pigmentation. Skin damage you could have avoided. Find a sunscreen formulation you enjoy using and then stick with it. Every. Single. Day.
If you want to know more about the preventative powers of sun protection you can go here and here.


4. There’s no Vitamin A in your routine.

If you’re still wondering if you’ve finally found the holy grail of skin care but you’re still not 100% sure. Here’s a simple little test. Does the brand you’ve chosen contain retinol in their formulations? If not, then they’re not serious about skin care results and you’ll ultimately be disappointed.
Sure, if you’ve got a youthful skin with no specific issues, you can skip using retinol for a while, but if there’s room in your budget, then the sooner you start with retinol in your routine the better. Most skins are deficient in vitamin A, so as well as the reversal of DNA damage, by using retinol regularly you’ll be topping up on an essential vitamin for skin health. It’s important to note not all topical vitamin A formulations are created equal, you will need professional advice on the best for you. You can learn more about the best vitamin A for your skin and how it works here


sabotaging your skin5. You gave up and moved on. Again!

The best brand in the world, the one with retinol and vitamin C and niacinamide as well as AHA’s and BHA’s and powerful antioxidants will be a complete loss to you if you give up after 3 or 4 weeks. Sure, you started strong, you followed the routine religiously then you waited for the results, by around week 3 or 4 despite minor improvements you feel something is lacking? Don’t worry. If it’s a well formulated cosmeceutical it will perform. Keep going. Stick with it. 
Great skin care formulations are an investment. Great results are not always seen immediately. It’s your long-term commitment that will bring you the greatest rewards. Truly. 


6. You just got bad advice or none at all.

This is a huge one. It’s an issue I’ve been known to rant about. For you, it’s probably just a maze of confusion and misinformation. I’ve written about it extensively on this website and here’s the thing.  

The best brands also require the best advice. You deserve it. 

And furthermore, if the person offering advice, does not listen to YOUR concerns, if they were rushed or didn’t have enough time to explain things properly or they just rattled off a few key benefits. Well, that’s not really going to help you.
Be fussy about who gives you advice. If they don’t have time or didn’t make time for you, then find someone else who will. If a brand is asking for a premium price, then you should expect (demand) a premium consultation. Right? If getting great advice has proved difficult or you don’t know where to start, then you may want to book an online consultation with me. Find out more here. 


7. You just opted for frown relaxing injections and dermal fillers.

If you’re really unhappy with how your skin is ageing and the lines and furrows make you look and feel unhappy, or grumpy or just in a permanent state of worry, then muscle relaxing injections and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can make a big difference to your appearance. When done correctly by an experienced cosmetic doctor the results can be brilliant.
But wait! Hold on a second!
If your skin is as dry as a cracker or as fragile and sensitive as an egg shell or showing signs of blotchy hyper-pigmentation, then you may improve your scowl but you will not get the glow you’ve been longing for, nor will you be so pleased with the injectables you’ve just been given. Cosmetic enhancement and good skin care should always go hand in hand. Most good cosmetic medical practices will offer a range of cosmeceutical skin care. If they don’t? Well, that would be rather disappointing and I’d probably want to find another practice.


8. A few bad habits.

Smoking, Sugar and Alcohol in excess will, without doubt ruin your skin care results as well as harm your health.
Despite the obvious harmful effects of smoking, when it comes to your skin it can rapidly deplete the skins natural sources of vitamin C as well as suffocating the supply of blood to the dermis. Not good. If this is your particular bad habit, I know, it’s hard. but try and give up, post haste.
Sugar; one of life’s delights, but in excess it can create a cascade of issues within every cell of the body including the cells of your skin where the glucose lingers and creates sticky cells leading to a process known as Advanced Glycation End products (AGE’s), it’s hard to avoid, in fact it’s a normal process in the body, but too much AGE’s and you will see a cross linking of collagen in your dermis (wrinkles) that need not be there.
As for alcohol. In moderation, (let’s say no more than one glass of wine a day) is probably fine. Most medical professionals will agree with this. But anything more is creating a harmful tolerance to alcohol which at its worse can lead to addiction which none of us want. When it comes to your skin, even the occasional binge will be damaging.  There is no escaping the fact, an excessive consumption of alcohol will dehydrate the cells of the dermis and end up sabotaging your skin care results.

Your dermis needs a healthy blood flow, healthy moisture content and nutrients in abundance. No amount of amazing skin care can fix the problems smoking, excessive sugar and alcohol can induce. 

And now you?

How’s your routine going? Have you found a great brand that you’ve been able to stick with? Why not share what you’ve found. I’d love to hear from you or if you have a question you can shoot me an email here.
see you next time, 

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