Are your hormones ruining your life?

Your hormones

Is it just me or is it my hormones?

There is a well known belief that admitting you have a problem is the first and biggest step to conquering the problem. This is a belief usually applied to problems with addiction.
Another way of looking at this idea is that once you admit to a problem not only can you begin to solve the problem but it opens your mind up to new ways of looking at the problem and possible solutions. Strangely as you begin to do this, new ideas, concepts, people and answers you just couldn’t see before, begin to emerge.

Up until this moment of clarity your mind is closed to possible solutions. If you’ve ever had this experience then you know how mysteriously magical it can all appear. But really?  You’ve just begun to develop razor sharp vision. 
Like problems that need solving, there seems to be a long held belief of inevitability about life. It’s inevitable you will put on weight at a certain age, or start to develop wrinkles at this particular age (insert what ever age you think this may be for you).
I remember in my late 20’s someone announcing to me, even at the positively youthful age of 28 that I was already in that dark region of a slow and steady decline into oblivion and the inevitability of old age! Of course this is ridiculous. I hate those kind of sweeping statements for the very reason that they plant themselves in our minds and tend to stay there. We begin to accept it all as ‘the norm’ or worse the acceptance of a fate that even though in your mind you know is a long way off still remains widely accepted as inevitable.
Like turning 30, 40 or 50. If we are blessed, all are inevitable. Just like beginning to see the first signs of menopause. Inevitable, but a long way off and surely those strange symptoms you are beginning to experience at 36ish are not the beginning of menopause? Are they? 


The walk of shame.

If you are particularly tuned in to your body, then there are a whole lot of symptoms or occurrences or moods that can be linked back to the various stages of your hormonal life. I can look at my own life and acknowledge very clear markers directly attributed to hormonal ups and downs.
Thankfully in my 30’s as it is for many, Evening Primrose Oil became a life saving supplement for the worst out-of-body mood swings you could imagine. Horrible!! “It’s not me, it’s my hormones” I cried in shame. 
But I was muddling through as we all do.  It was only my naturally inquisitive mind that led me to solutions. This was long before google. Yep, life before google how did we all manage? Amazing and shocking as that seems now. 
These days rather than not enough information we are faced with too much. Sure, you can find out stuff about your reproductive hormones, you can read up on remedies for PMS like Evening Primrose Oil, but with all this information there still seems to be a disparity between what begins to happen at around the age of 35 and what awaits your from around the age of 50.
Leaving us all a little unprepared for the vast array of symptoms on the horizon. You may think when the time comes your GP will guide you. Well, if you are lucky enough to have a doctor like that, then consider yourself to have won the hormonal lottery, for everyone else? Read on. 


Bursting with confidence? No, not really.

The horrible thing about all these experiences is that those around you may not understand what you are going through and ‘it’s not me it’s my hormones’ always sounds a bit lame. But worse than this is the shame and anxiety associated with the inability to function and look your best at a time in your life when you really should be feeling on top of the world and bursting with confidence!!!
Now, before you consider this is all just life and it is normal and to be accepted as the inevitable ageing process,  you may want to consider, despite what your body will naturally do in the various hormonal stages of your life, YOU can actually take control and manage a lot of how your body responds to hormonal secretions that age you unnecessarily.  You can begin to see the light at the end of the hormonal tunnel and the importance of taking control to improve your overall health and happiness. 


Your Hormone Doctor.

Your Hormone DoctorToday I’d like to introduce you to a book I wish I had read about 10 years ago. A book every woman needs to read. This is a book about becoming tuned in to the topsy turvy nature of your hormones. Not just your productive hormones, but the hormones that effect your weight, your energy levels, wrinkles, changes in your body shape, your ability to manage stress and anxiety. 
This is a book that will explain quite a few of the issues you’ve be struggling with.
  • Why weight becomes so difficult to shift once you hit a certain age. 
  • How your attitude plays a huge role in how you age.
  • The massive impact stress and too much worry will have on your hormones spiralling in a direction you didn’t see coming nor will you want to. 
  • How becoming calm can actually reverse ageing and help you to lose weight and improve the way you think.
  • The role sleep plays in balancing our hormonal responses to improve our weight and a more youthful appearance.
  • How nutritious food and vitamin supplements help control your hormonal responses. 
  • The link between weight gain and hormones like insulin and leptin and what you can do about it. 
  • The science behind how sex makes us, not just look younger but literally ‘lights up’ our brains. 


Don’t go it all alone.

This book is not just packed with extremely sound information, but it is written in a way that is so easy to read and understand. The authors, Leah Hardy and Susie Rogers along with Dr. Daniel Sister for dietary support really get it. They get YOU. 
You will find so many of the symptoms you may be experiencing begin to make sense. You will begin to find the solutions to your hormonal problems. You will begin to understand you can choose. You can take control and while it is true you cannot control your chronological age, you CAN choose your biological age. It does not have to be the inevitable experience so many accept it to be.
Your Hormone Doctor is a great read and no matter if you are 35, 45 or beyond 50,  this book will show you how to take control of your hormones and be a whole lot healthier, happier and you may even find yourself slimmer and sexier to boot. At every age!!
You can find Your Hormone Doctor by clicking on the book image or you can find it over at the Your Hormone Doctor website. 


And now you?

Are you controlling your hormones or are they controlling you? Do you have an experience or story you’d like to share? 
See you in the comments,

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