Winter Skin: Crimes and misdemeanours.

Winter Skin

Suddenly, you have winter skin.

Almost overnight your skin goes from seemingly fine to well, sensitive, dry, parched, and just terrible. Your makeup exacerbates the problem. Your skin feels tight and looks red and blotchy. 
Okay, you expect this to happen. It happens every winter.The usual winter chill wreaks havoc with your sensitive, dry skin. A quick search around the internet and you find a few quick fix remedies to settle your skin down and get you through the arctic freeze. 
So, it’s time to take action!
You complain to anyone who’ll listen about how sensitive your skin feels. A thicker moisturiser is the answer to this problem. Right? Maybe.

Or, one of those facial oils that everyone seems to rave over? Could it help? Perhaps. 
But, you don’t want to spend any more money on your skin. How about Coconut Oil. Cheap. Natural. Perfect.
It’s the answer to just about any problem known to humanity. Off to the local supermarket you go. Organic of course. 
But it feels so greasy and your makeup just slides off, not to mention sticking to your pillow each night.
And, despite this, your skin’s not really feeling any better. In fact, it still looks and feels dry behind that slick of organic coconut oil. How can this be?

I LOVE coconut oil. But, not on my face. It’s just not the answer. There’s just no real affinity and if there’s one thing your skin needs. It’s affinity.

You can’t go through winter like this.

It’s just awful.
It shouldn’t be this way. 
It would be easy just to say, well, y’know it’s just the season you’re in. Just get yourself a heavier moisturising cream.  But that’s just not the kind of advice you’re going to get from me. 
 You’re going to hear this a lot. Change your skin care routine as the season changes. Really?
The short answer is no, not really. But, when have I ever left you with a short answer?
You want skin so resilient there is absolutely no reason to change your skin care routine. 
If you’ve got a rock star routine filled with nutrients and antioxidants to protect your skin and if you’ve been regulating the activities of the skin with ingredients that reboot the skin’s normal functions. Well, then you should sail through winter. 
But what about the self-inflicted mishaps that cause our skin to stress out during winter? The crimes and misdemeanours. The daily habits that undo your skin care routine?


The crimes and misdemeanours of winter skin.

Winter SkinYou sit in front of the fire.

Of course you do, we all do. It’s not so much the heat of the fire but the lack of moisture in the air. Leave that fire raging for long enough and every bit of moisture in the air is going to be sucked up including the moisture in your skin. Dried out before you can put another log on the fire. What should you do? A humidifier is a brilliant option. Failing that, a big bowl of water in the room will help keep the air moist.

You take hot, hot showers and you stay in there for a too long.

Brrr. It’s so cold. Just another 5 minutes. As lovely as a hot shower or bath is, you’re going to seriously cause problems for your skin. Stripping your skin’s natural protective lipids and your capillaries will have a meltdown. You’ll end up with dry skin as well as red blotchy capillary damage. No amount of skin care is really going to help. So, turn down the heat, just a little. Your skin will be much better and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. 


You continue with your usual routine of cleanser, moisturiser. Repeat. 

That’s enough, isn’t it? No, not really. Opting for a heavier moisturiser is pointless if all you’re doing is the tried and true basics of cleansing and moisturising. I know, it’s what you know, your Mum did it. You figure it’s fine for you.
Well, sure, if it’s what you want, go ahead. But, you’ve read this far so maybe you want to do more.
So here’s the thing. Invest in quality serums and you won’t need anywhere near the amount of moisturiser you are currently using. Your need for traditional moisturising creams will diminish even during the cold chill of winter. 
If you’d like the essentials of a good skin care routine, your should check out my article on the 6 daily essentials for great skin at any age.


Your already sensitive skin just gets worse. 

This’s just how it is for you. You’ve accepted it. You buy skin care for sensitive skin, even though it doesn’t do much. But what choice do you have? Well, plenty. Do not define your skin as sensitive. In most cases, sensitivity is something you acquire. From too many winters without proper care, or skin care routines that are either inadequate or just plain ol’ wrong. You can change this. But, it’s going to take a bit of effort and the right products. Check out my Dry Skin Series if you want to know more. 


You’ll just switch to a richer or thicker moisturiser.

It might be the answer, but if there’s no affinity with your skin type?  Remember what I said earlier? If there’s one thing your skin needs, it’s affinity.
What do I mean?
Well, the ingredients contained in your skin care need to be recognised by the skin, they need to match the substances already being created by the skin. Nutrients your skin cells will accept. Now, that’s what I call natural.
If you must change up your moisturiser, as it could be the problem especially if it’s lacking in an affinity with your skin, then you might like to go read about this little love story
Winter Skin

Do not define your skin as sensitive. In most cases, sensitivity is something you acquire. You can do something about it.


What people tell me.

I love it when you tell me things. In the real world, I have a client who I’ve recently introduced to cosmeceutical treatments. A recent comment from her pleased me. “I’m not noticing the change in my skin as the season is changing. As it’s getting colder and winter hits, my skin typically suffers, I’m just not noticing it as much.”
I love to hear this. It is music to my hears. It’s skin care success! It’s skin resilience! 


What should you do?

This solution goes beyond winter skin. Regulate your skin’s normal functions. I write about this tirelessly. But, it’s never as good as the proof in the pudding. Putting it into action. Finding a beauty regimen that does it for you effortlessly. Of course, it’s never, ever going to be one product or just a switch in moisturiser. Nope. 
Stick with a brand that provides nutrients and antioxidants for balancing and protecting the skin and put your broad spectrum sun protection on high rotation all through winter and you might just find your skin is absolutely fine. In fact, better than fine. Resilient! 


And now you?

Do you keep reaching for richer, thicker moisturising creams to solve your winter skin? Still feeling the stress of the change in seasons? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you, and if you found this article useful why not share it. 
See you next time,

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