Why you’re never going to use cleansing facial wipes again.

facial wipes

I have a pet hate.

In fact, every time I see anything about the virtue or benefit of this particular beauty concept, I find myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head in minor frustration.

What’s my pet hate? Cleansing facial wipes.

You need to know this.

It does not matter what you are told or what you read. It doesn’t matter which brand they are. Facial wipes do not adequately cleanse the skin. Will never adequately cleanse your skin.
If you want your skin care to work for you, then, well, you better get your cleansing right.
If you are a regular reader of The Beauty Issue, then you know I’m not one for advocating something just because it exists. I find myself looking on with befuddlement when I see something gain nonsensical momentum. Facial wipes are one of those things.

A skin care purist at heart.

When it comes to skincare and the achievement of great, healthy, beautiful skin, taking shortcuts is not really an option. It isn’t for me and it shouldn’t be for you. Well, at least it shouldn’t be if you want great skin.
Yes I know they’re so convenient. So easy to use? Are they? Really? Being caught without my usual cleanser has led me to reluctantly attempt to clean my face with facial wipes. Perhaps I was just curious, had to prove it to myself. After all, most facial wipes are said to remove all makeup. Yeah right. Terrible experience and a practice to which I will not be returning. I’d rather go to bed with my makeup on (as horrifying a prospect that is). Nothing easy or pleasant or even convenient about pulling and tugging at your skin to remove your eye makeup. 

This one’s not negotiable.

Proper cleansing is one of the most important factors for healthy skin. You can spend all the money you want on your moisturiser, you can use the most sophisticated ingredients in your serums. But if you don’t get your cleansing right you’re never going to be happy or worse, the state-of-the-art moisturisers and serums you’ve been using have to work double time to get the job done. For me, that’s a big waste of money. You? 

Double Cleanse.

Despite what you may have heard, double cleansing is not a new concept. What does it mean? Just do it twice. Some would say, the double cleanse is essential. Well, yes it is, but not always. Sure if you’ve been wearing makeup all day, then a double cleanse is important and opting for a double cleanse eliminates the need for a toner. But, if you’ve had a day free of makeup and your skin is not overly oily, then your skin will manage just fine with one thorough cleanse.  

Balanced perfection.

It may come as a surprise to you, but when it comes to choosing a cleanser, your choice should have less to do with your skin type and more to do with what kind of a cleanser you choose. 
Very often, in fact, most of the time, a cleanser will be chosen for you based on whether you are oily, dry or somewhere in between. But what do you choose if you have an oily T-Zone (down the centre of your face) and dry or normal cheeks? Do you buy two cleansers? Perhaps. But, I suggest you find a cleanser that just removes what’s on the surface, something that gets rid of makeup, surface oil and the environmental residue of the day without disrupting your acid mantle. A cleanser that leaves the skin perfectly balanced. 

Try doing this tonight.

How do you know you are using the right cleanser for your skin type? Tonight, or tomorrow. Do this. Cleanse your skin in the usual way. Then leave your skin, do not apply anything else.
How does your skin feel?
Do you feel a strong urge to apply a moisturiser or could you leave your skin bare? This is the true test of whether your cleanser is right for you. If it feels in any way squeaky, or tight or you have a hankering to quickly apply your moisturiser to regain a feeling of comfort, then your current cleanser is not right for you. Always look for a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling comfortable. Squeaky is not clean, it’s stripped. 

What to look for.

Well, hopefully NOT cleansing facial wipes. Instead look for gentle milk, lotion or oil.
Even if you have an oily skin, stay well away from foaming cleansers and opt for a water-soluble milk or cream.
Anything that cuts the oil away is stripping your skin and you’ll be activating your oil glands to pump out more oil to correct the problem. If you’ve got oily skin? That’s not what you want. Just look for cleansers that are water-soluble.
If you have a dry skin, no need to look for anything that is too heavy as this will also have a negative effect on your skin leaving it feeling gluggy, spongy or heavy. Not balanced.

I have a few favourites.

Head on over here, all of the brands you will find on this page have a good cleanser in their range.
But if you want a more detailed review then come on back next week and I’ll give you a specific list of excellent cleansers that do the job properly. 

And now you?

In the meantime. What’s your take on Cleansing facial wipes? Swear by them or just for a quick fix when nothing else is available? Or have you found an amazing cleanser that you’d never leave home without? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below or if you found this article helpful why not share it with your friends. 
See you next time,

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