The trivial pursuit of beauty.

The trivial pursuit of beauty

Nothing more than vanity?

Sometimes events or situations happen in our own lives or in the greater world, so upsetting and disturbing, that many of the things we usually fuss and fight about become insignificant. These are the life events that level us or become catalysts in our lives. These are the times when I am left feeling the subject of beauty is just frivolous, trivial and nothing more than vanity.


What’s really important in life?

Is our quest for beauty really so important? If we spend too much time on the internet and in mainstream media then you could begin to think it is. On the surface it would appear to be vain and trivial, the images of celebrities parading their perfections can leave us all a little, well, at best bemused at worst, with a bad dose of comparitis.. It all makes me want to turn away, not bother with the trivialities of beauty.  It’s never as important as we sometimes believe it to be and yet, after going through a few of my own life altering circumstances in the last few years, I still continue to maintain the view, how we care about and perceive our outward appearance plays a crucial role in a positive state of mind and our wellbeing.


The seeking of beauty in all its guises.

I have witnessed the angst of a teenage girl desperate to rid herself of confidence destroying acne, the single woman hoping to find her perfect mate through her appearance, those that have lost sight of their own natural beauty seeing only their flaws and imperfections and the older woman devastated and distraught with the onset of sun damage she never really believed would be her fate.  I’ve seen the change in someone as their skin begins to glow once more and the confidence of young men who finally summon the courage to ask about their own skin issues.

Working in beauty offers a window into our fears, our insecurities and our vulnerabilities. Sometimes it’s quite sad, other times it’s a brilliant celebration.


Then there is the matter of becoming invisible!

It has been said, as we age we become invisible. What a thing! Are we really invisible? If we are, then why are we? Do we reach a particular age and serve no further purpose to humanity? All sounds a bit depressing doesn’t it. I don’t have the answers, except to say, I’m not really prepared to take that one lying down. The power of opinion (other peoples) has left us a little less than we once were, so much so, it makes me ponder another question, have we become invisible to ourselves?
Seeing yourself uniquely, not getting lost in other people’s lives or opinions, doing things that makes your world special however small or large is what really matters. Isn’t it?

So is it important?

I have no expertise whatsoever in the workings of the mind, or why some of us are more resilient and some of us so fragile and vulnerable about how the world views us aesthetically. What I do know is the value we place upon ourselves and our spot in the world does matter. (If you’re really interested in the workings of your mind, you may like to visit Your Brain Health written by Neuroscientist,  Dr. Sarah Mackay).
There is a quote or rather an excerpt of a beautiful poem from, of all people Charlie Chaplin titled, As I began to love myself…written on his 70th Birthday, it sums things up very well.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health.

Food, people, things, situations and everything that drew me downward and away from myself.

At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism.Today I know it is love of oneself.

Hard to do? Perhaps. But worth a try. If we become truly discerning about the food, people, things and situations in our life, how much easier or better does life become?  Think about that for a moment. Does it all finally fall into place? Just with the simple act of choosing those things that draw us upwards and closer to our authentic self?


The trivial pursuit of beauty

When our imperfections get in the way of a happy life.

Maybe you worry about imperfections in your skin or your body or being invisible? Don’t. Instead focus on your health, good food, healthy habits and you will, regardless of your current age begin to feel much better about your skin and your body and how it looks and ages.  
Want good skin? Start from the inside. I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche’ beauty from within and all that.. but truly, if you always look outwards for the answers, the latest cream, serum, treatment or injectable, sure, you’ll get some good results, why, I’d even say you’ll get some great results, but there is never one single quick fix, or one easy answer.  

Advice without the hype.

The advice I offer every week and throughout this website, comes to you with respect and honesty.  You will find the recommendations for products, ingredients and treatments to give you a skin that is 100 percent better than it is today.
Despite all the hype, there are some amazing and sophisticated products and treatments to be found.  After all we didn’t get to the 21st century without some good news and if you are prepared to spend a bit of money, you’ll find some truly exciting solutions to your skin care issues.
But again, much of how your skin looks will be dependant on getting the right kind of nutrition, not smoking (hello!!!), staying out of the sun (please!!), getting restful sleep and drinking pure water and if you struggle with keeping a positive attitude, seek out and find the help you need. Truly. No need to go it alone.


A little bit more from Charlie’s poem..


As I began to love myself I recognised that my mind can disturb me

and it can make me sick. But as I connected it to my heart, my

mind became a valuable ally.Today I call this connection wisdom of the heart.

Finally and to be totally honest with you, as much as I advocate the care of your skin, it all comes back to how you feel about YOU. Impress the life out of yourself!!!
Wondering about the images I’ve used in this article? Two grand dames who knock it out of the park when it comes to style and living authentic and very visible lives.  Both women are featured in the book and film Advanced Style by photographer Ari Cohen. Worth a look!
If you’d like a to read the entire poem from Charlie Chaplin you can find a copy to download and keep here. It’s well worth the read and a brilliant reminder of what’s really important in life. 
Now, how about you? Found a way to impress your own pants off!! Good for you! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.  I’d sure love to know.


See you next time with peace and love..

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