Tinkering around the edges. What was I waiting for?

tinkering around the edges
I’ve been tinkering around the edges of an idea to write a blog and create a website for a while now. First in 2008 then later in 2010. Although in 2010 my ideas were shuttled off into a slightly different direction, but still with a blog about beauty at the heart of it.

Beauty and Skin Care being my profession for most of my career it made sense to finally write about it, but still, nothing came to pass.
Momentum picked up in 2011 only to have all plans come to a crashing halt when my darling mother succumbed to the debilitating effects of Vascular Dementia and Diabetes. So, my journey or perhaps it would be better to say my course changed. The winds of change blew me in a direction I was not expecting. All this at the age of 51.
I cared for my mother until her passing in January 2013.  During the 18 months of full time care, when there was little thought for anything other than keeping my mum safe on the final leg of her own personal journey, my thoughts of the life I had and what my future would hold, gave rise to the somewhat existential thoughts of what it all meant and with the wonder of life came a shaking, unsettling feeling of futility.
Despite this, I see life as an amazing gift and a privilege, but I know after losing a parent, in what seemed far too soon, I see so clearly the shortness of life, sure we all talk about life being short, but really? We still live in a place of denial most of the time.  The silliness of so many things we fuss about, thoughts that just hold us back, stop us from being truly happy.

All this pondering, led me to change my views on the world of ‘beauty’ I had come to inhabit.

You see, the preservation of youthful skin has always been a driving force in my career or to put it more accurately the preservation of beauty and if I’m truthful the preservation of my own beauty.  Funny isn’t it, where life leads us? Many people I know in the beauty industry, as with so many careers, come to it because of their own personal fears and worries, finding themselves compelled to find out more; think Oprah Winfrey, pretty obvious her life mission and career came from her own personal troubles; but what a success she has made of it. In the beauty industry often it comes in the form of problematic skin and the diabolical effects of Acne. But really for me, not because of Acne but, if I’m truthful my own vanity about ageing and wrinkles led me to a career in skin care. I know that sounds vacuous, but I was young.  

There is a silver lining to all this.

With all this seeking of knowledge came a desire to help others. Quite the noble cause this beauty business. I know, a little bit of tongue planted firmly in cheek.  But truly, I’ve met enough people with problems with their skin and ultimately their confidence to know it actually can be quite the noble profession. Although these days, I believe it needs to be tackled with much more thought about how your health and mental well being impact on your skin, your beauty, your life. 
Now, for me, what I want, is to preserve much more than my skin, I want to preserve my mind for as long as possible. No point having lovely skin if your mind and body fail you. Of course I will always, always pursue ways to have a great skin that defies my years. I embrace the desire, not just to care for my skin, but more so to embrace a truly holistic and balanced approach to every organ of the body.  


I want to share with you what I know and what I find out.

Not just your skin but how the mind ages, our overall health, the changes in the delicate balance of our hormones, the changes in our attitudes and beliefs as each day passes.  What to do about it and how to live well, to live beautifully, today and well into the future.
So, you see, I want to talk about a lot more than your skin, although I will always come back to how to care for your skin, why, it’s the reason this website was born.  I love the science of the skin, it is so incredibly thin and yet such a busy organ, we should pay homage to our skin, but we tend to ignore it. It’s important to care; and for more reasons than the obvious ones.

Sometimes not caring is a sign of something else; of denial, of depression, of hiding from who you are and your skin is one of only two organs of the body visible to you (the other being your eyes). How amazing is that!  Your heart, your lungs, your liver.. all a bit of a mystery. But, your skin… Ahh yes, a true reflection of your inner health, both mentally and physically.  


So, now that I’m done tinkering.

As with so many things, creating a life and career often comes with its fair share of happenstance, I kind of like a little bit of that. If all our best laid plans came to fruition, it may not necessarily be how we thought it would be. The element of not knowing spurs us on to look ahead to the future with a sense of anticipation, no matter what the view looks like today, no matter what transpired in the past, no matter what age you are.
Expect stories about having and getting a beautiful skin, about living mindfully, loving the skin and body you’re in and being as happy as we humans can be, no matter how far along into your life you are. I hope you will join me and I thank you now, in advance.  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. What are you tinkering around the edge with or have you jumped in? 
 See you next time.
Julie x