A sugar free Christmas

sugar free christmas

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

I don’t eat sugar, in fact I have not eaten any significant quantities of sugar for nearly 3 years. I never really ate that much sugar anyway, but it seemed like a good way to improve my health and as I often say, it takes the everyday sweet temptation challenges right out of the equation when processed sugar is no longer in your world. I find it easy, most of the time. But then comes Christmas. 

The idea that you could actually have a Christmas absent of sweetness is probably quite challenging for most. Rich dark fruit cake, plum pudding, mince pies… it is the one time of the year where, if you do follow a sugar free lifestyle it can be quite the challenge. 


You still eat sugar but the idea of not-so-much is appealing?

Yes? Well, I went looking for sweet, but sugar free treats that will make Christmas time just as sweet but without being loaded with cane sugar and other high fructose sweetness like, agave, maple syrup and honey. They are all lovely sweet alternatives, but when it comes to quitting sugar, they are off my menu. 
Even if you have not chosen to go down the sugar free road yourself, you may still like to try some of the alternatives available if you just want to go a little easy on the sugar over load this Christmas and the recipes I have found make it so easy to indulge with a little bit less of a sugar rush. Oh and did I mention, less sugar in your life is good news for your skin.


Hummingbird Layer Cake

A light alternative to the traditional Christmas Cake. This recipe has been made with spelt flour, but you could just as easily swap for gluten free flour if you have an intolerance to gluten. The sweetness in this cake comes from Natvia (a natural sweetener made from the stevia plant), pineapple and bananas. With that combination it would still be quite sweet  but so delicious.

Recipe by La Gallette

sugar free christmas

Cherry Chesugar free christmasstnut Creme Tarts

A Christmas without Cherries?  What a gorgeous alternative to mince pies. Little Creme tarts filled with Chestnut creme and topped with Cherries. I can’t wait!!

Recipe by Chocolate Chilli Mango








Pavlova Cheesecake Cup Cakes

So simple, so cute and a lovely take on the traditional pavlova. These little delights are filled with stevia sweetened cream cheese and can be topped with whatever fruit you like really..  

Recipe by Healthy Hotlips

sugar free christmas


 sugar free christmas

Cranberry and Pistachio White Chocolate Bark

This recipe is so easy you can make it in 15 minutes and it’s ready to be demolished 30 minutes later once the bark has chilled in the fridge. So Christmassy gorgeous don’t you think?

Recipe by La Gallette 





Where can you find these gorgeous sugar free Christmas treats?

sugar free christmasAll the recipes shown in this post have been sourced from a little Christmas recipe book I found over at natvia.com, if you head on over to their website, you can review these recipes and as this is the season of giving, if you like what you see you will be able to purchase the entire e-book for a mere $5.00AUD donation which will go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. So, not only will you have your sweet treats for Christmas sorted but you will be giving to a very worthwhile cause. At the moment it’s a pre-order and the book will be delivered to your email on December 1st..  Oh and if you are looking for a little inspiration or just want to cut back you may also like this article on how to give up sugar without really trying

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