Why your skincare never works for you.

When things start to change.

Now, this is an article about your skin care dilemma’s but first, let me begin with a story. When I was in my mid forties I started to notice a change in my body shape. I was beginning to gain weight around the midsection of my body. In my opinion this is the worst possible place to gain weight, it’s uncomfortable and hiding it can make everything look bigger especially if you have big boobs (which I do). Not to mention it is said to be quite unhealthy!

Not since the 80’s (when I was a bit obsessed with my weight) have I embarked on anything close to a ‘diet’ and interestingly, once I stopped obsessing, my weight became balanced and with daily walking, I was pretty happy.
But, then the mid 40’s and beyond arrived. Unchartered waters!  Sadly our hormones are intimately linked to our body shape and as our hormonal balance starts to become a little topsy-turvy, so too our body weight, shape and size.


Wanted: A diet buddy.

So I decided to go on a diet. Like so many challenges in life, getting a buddy helps. Agree? So I went out and found myself a diet buddy and we embarked on our diet together. The goal was to lose a healthy 1 kilogram of fat a week. An achievable and sensible goal.Two weeks into the diet, not only was I enjoying a healthy and it has to be said, surprisingly gourmet diet.  I was losing weight. Such a great feeling when we begin to shed excess kilograms!!


But then something unexpected happened.

Unbeknownst to me, my chosen diet buddy was the impatient type in almost every aspect of her life, so to lose 1 kilogram a week was just not fast enough. So, she did what any normal, sane person would do. She packed it in on the diet. Just like that!! Finished!!!  Perhaps not so normal, perhaps in truth a bit rash and irrational.
Instead she decided to go on a starvation diet. A lettuce leaf, a slice of tomato on a Ryvita became lunch, followed by a bowl of salty water for dinner. Brilliant, she was going to beat me for sure! This amazing, too good to be true way of losing weight lasted, from memory, an entire afternoon, by dinner time my soon to be ex-diet buddy, was gorging herself on chocolate!!

In search of the instant result.

Not to be deterred by this minor slip up, she hatched a new plan and went off to some ashram (of sorts) in Thailand and dedicated herself to total abstinence of anything resembling food! The only thing my diet buddy had to look forward to was the daily colonic irrigation of her bowel (Sorry).
This went on for 10 days!! To say she came back lighter is absolutely true, but let’s not talk about the angry, nail-biting, paranoid arguments that ensued with her nearest and dearest during this time of self-imposed denial.  Within a week or two the weight had settle right back where it had been before. Of course, any nutritionist will tell you, it was just a loss of water that was tipping those scales south.  


skincare never works

What is this really all about?

Well, it’s actually about commitment. It’s actually about sticking with what it is you started out to do. To allow things the time it takes to work. It’s about setting yourself a time frame to achieve goals and then taking regular, committed action.


Last week I told you in quite a matter of fact way, that the skin care you are currently using may never, ever work for you. It doesn’t matter the brand, the science, the price or even the quality. It’s not going to work.


The real reason your skin care never works.

Most of us just keep looking for what we hope is the holy grail of skin care. We feel so vulnerable at times we’ll believe and try anything.  Bathroom cabinets all over the world are bursting at the seams with unused jars, bottles and tubes full of promise.


And yet, you continue to worry about your skin.

It’s red, sensitive, looking lined and wrinkled way more than it should for a woman of your age. Or, suddenly just like the weird things changing in your body shape, you begin to see brown spots and unsightly pigmentation appearing on your skin or worse a bout of adult acne seems to be residing on your jaw line and chin. What!
These are all very good reasons to get yourself, post-haste to someone who knows about these things. Perhaps it’s a cosmetic consultant, or a beauty therapist or a dermatologist. You are driven to find the cure for whatever it is that ails your skin.
After many weeks of searching you settle on something your best and dearest friend has been using and absolutely swears by. It’s a strange thing and true of us all, despite all the expertise available we end up using whatever our friends are using.
I think it’s sensible to try what others have recommended, after all, how can you trust anyone, however well-meaning, who is trying to sell your something! With so many, well, charlatans out there you are very wise to approach your choice of skin care with a bit of caution.


And yet, you continue to seek out something new.

A promise, a bit of hope, a new ingredient, something that is finally just right for you and your skin care problems. It’s a crazy kind of carousel of a bajillion products. Too confusing. Right? And all too often the advice is, well, fuzzy at best. But you are getting desperate in finding answers so you take the leap. 


Here’s what I suggest.

You can think of this as a challenge. Perhaps, do this with a friend. Why, you and your skin care buddy could go seek out your designated skin care professional together. Once you’ve both had your skin expertly diagnosed  and a specific regimen has been recommended just-for-you then I suggest this is what you do next.


A 30 Day Challenge, or ten top tips for making your skin care work for you.

1. Use all the products recommended to you exactly as you have been advised. 
2. Think of your skin care regimen as a daily workout for your skin. No shortcuts, don’t skip a thing. Cleanse your skin diligently every night. (No matter what time you get home or how tired you are). Never leave any traces of makeup on your skin.
3. Diarise daily how things are going. Post your progress to twitter or Facebook, you could even use a hashtag like #stickwithitskinchallenge 
4. Apply any serums as instructed by your skin care professional. Don’t skip anything.
5. If you are not inspired to do this with a friend, then think of your skin care professional as your personal ‘skin coach’. Ask them to contact you within 3 days of commencing your regimen.  This is important as you will need a bit or reassurance (any skin care professional worth their salt should offer to do this anyway). 
6. Book an appointment with your newly anointed ‘skin coach’ for a follow-up visit 2 weeks after you start your new regimen. Just to chat, to keep you on track, to marvel at your progress. 
7. If your new product range is a cosmeceutical or medical grade skin care then #5 & 6 are especially true for you.
8. When you feel like you want to go out and buy something new, check your bathroom cabinet and look at how much money you’ve already spent in the past.
9. After 30 days go back to your ‘skin coach’ and ask about what treatments will compliment your regimen. This could be chemical peels, sound and light therapies,  microdermabrasion, rejuvenating laser, it may even be anti wrinkle injectables or dermal fillers. By now your ‘skin coach’ should have worked out a plan for you.
10. If you are unsure or not getting the help you need then I strongly advise you contact the company whose products you are using. They will have a customer service or education department. They will help you.


It’s been 30 days, now what?

If you have chosen well, you should be seeing some pretty good results.   If not, then go back to your ‘skin coach’ and find out why your results are slower than expected. There will be reasons, there may be an underlying cause to your specific skin problem that goes beyond skin care alone. Or if you are still stuck on the best skin care for you then you may find this article useful or this one here


Now, what was that diet?

Okay. It is the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. It’s heavy on protein and low on processed carbs and really does work if you stick to it. I eat this way most of the time now and although the books are a bit heavy on red meat, I adapt to my own preferences as I like to eat more fish and white meat like chicken and turkey and I never consume sugar. Whichever way you look at it, overall this is a diet or way of eating that does work.
If you’ve made it this far, congratulations to you!! You stuck with it and committed to reading this article. Most people don’t. I hope it was worth the long read and I’ve given you a little food for thought. When it comes to finding skin care that works for YOU and sticking with the goals you set for great skin, you will see results.


And now you?

But what do you think? Do you stick with it or are you always on the look out for the next best thing? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts I’d love to hear from you. Or if you know someone who would enjoy this article why not scroll down and share it around. 
See you next time,

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