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FDA Approved and dermatologically recommended, Omnilux Contour Neck and Décolleté LED Light Therapy shines red light on your skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. 

Every Omnilux LED Device comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Suitable for:All skin types



Is this product right for you?

Omnilux Contour Neck and Décolleté can improve the often overlooked neck and chest area which often show the visible signs of ageing well before other parts of the body including the face. Often, years of incremental exposure to the sun lead to wrinkles, pigmentation, and thinning skin that needs special attention. 

If you’re concerned about the visible signs of ageing and you’d like to boost collagen production then the Omnilux Contour™ LED Light Neck and Décolleté provides you with an easy, wearable solution to reduce ageing and sun damage. 

And, if you like your anti-ageing skin solutions right there where you can see them, then you’ll love the convenience of the Omnilux Contour™ LED Light Neck and Décolleté is for use at home to improve the overall texture of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimise the appearance of pigmentation and redness, while encouraging healthier, younger-looking skin.

A natural pain-free home device without side effects or social downtime. 

What’s inside?

Flexible silicone Neck & Décolleté led light device, rechargeable controller, power supply & plug adaptors, USB C cord to USB A connector, adjustable straps, and a handy carry bag.


Omnilux Contour Neck and Décolleté


Select an appropriate plug-type wall socket adapter for your country and connect to the power supply plug. 

Insert USB micro-connector (smaller connector) side of power supply charging cable into the oval-shaped controller 

Insert the power supply plug into a suitably grounded electrical outlet.

Important: Do not connect the LED device to the controller while charging. This may damage your device.  

The 3 lights on the controller will flash, indicating the level of charge. The controller battery will be fully charged when all 3 lights are illuminated. This can take up to 5 hours.

Unplug the power supply and power charging cable from the controller. 

Plug the device into the controller (the larger USB connector) and hold the controller button down for 2 seconds to activate the device. 

Suitable for:All skin types. 

Please note:Red Light Therapy is very safe overall, however as Omnilux products have not been studied while pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s advised they are not used unless you have written approval from your primary medical physician. 

Best used this way.

The Omnilux Contour LED Light for the Neck and Décolletté requires 3 – 5 treatments per week for 4 weeks, followed by maintenance as desired.

You may use your mask every day if you like. However, more frequent use may not produce faster or better results and will depend on the condition of your skin.

For best results combine with a consistent active skincare routine and daily broad-spectrum sun protection to minimise future sun damage. 


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