Why diets make us fat.

The promise we rarely keep.

You made a promise to yourself, maybe more than one. Inches to lose, bad habits to break, better ones to form. How’s it all going? Or, like many of us, did you give up?
I know, we rarely stick to our resolve. In fact, we almost expect to fail, after all we’re only human. 
Why is that? Are we so weak? Didn’t want it badly enough?

Cinematic Beauty: Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de Havilland

100 years young.

Olivia de Havilland, one of the last Hollywood actress from the golden era of the motion picture in America. The 30’s 40′ and 50’s. Born on July 1st, 1916 in Tokyo, Japan to English parents Lilian and Walter de Havilland. In 1917 Olivia’s mother persuaded her husband to move back to England. But it was a journey that would be interrupted.

Kosmea Rose Hip Oil

rose hip oil

Rose Hip Oil.

I’ve been looking at the ingredient rosehip oil. For me, this oil conjures memories of childhood. It was one of those remedies my mother would spoon out regularly to ward off colds and other such ailments. I think it may have worked, as I was rarely sick. But can it be as useful for the immunity of the skin?

Winter Skin: Crimes and misdemeanours.

Winter Skin

Suddenly, you have winter skin.

Almost overnight your skin goes from seemingly fine to well, sensitive, dry, parched, and just terrible. Your makeup exacerbates the problem. Your skin feels tight and looks red and blotchy. 
Okay, you expect this to happen. It happens every winter.The usual winter chill wreaks havoc with your sensitive, dry skin. A quick search around the internet and you find a few quick fix remedies to settle your skin down and get you through the arctic freeze. 
So, it’s time to take action!
You complain to anyone who’ll listen about how sensitive your skin feels. A thicker moisturiser is the answer to this problem. Right? Maybe.

Future proof your skin.

premature ageing

When’s the right time to start?

Ever wondered at what age you should begin to future proof your skin? You know, stop it from ageing.  Well, it’s around about 12 months. Seriously. This is the age we can safely introduce our first skin care product, which should be a gentle sun protection for your delicate baby skin. 
Keep doing this every day and by the time you reach 50 years, you’ll be so pleased with the condition of your skin, no one in bajillion years will ever guess your actual true age. But wait, what if this didn’t happen?