Bathroom Cabinet Confidential : Scrubs


The well-meaning advice of my youth.

Before I get to why I’m crusading against scrubs, a story from my youth. 

When I was 17, I read somewhere; some little tidbit of advice, that I could smooth away wrinkles by, 1) Heating the back of a dessert spoon and then, 2) Proceed to smooth over any offending wrinkles with said spoon. Violà! Wrinkles Gone! 

Clearly, I started raising my eyebrows at life and all its conundrums at quite a young age, hence wrinkles at 17. But still, I was determined to banish these weird lines that had taken up residence on my forehead.

Positive Ageing Series Part 2 : What does your skin need to be ageless?

Luminous skin is youthful. And achievable. At any age!

Last week we looked at how and why our skin ages. We also discussed the idea of making a few small changes to shift our beliefs from the inevitability of ageing to something more positive.

For me, the definition of an ageless skin is not so much, a skin without wrinkles, as that’s inevitable, but rather a skin that glows with luminosity.

But of course, there is no magic bullet, no one miracle ingredient or cure-all. I believe there are four keys elements to luminous skin.

This week, in Part 2 of the Positive Ageing Series it’s time to take action and there are four essential elements you need to know about.

Positive Ageing Part 1 : What’s ageing your skin?


Is ageing skin inevitable?

Unless you’re Cher, then it kind of is. So, if you expect your skin is going to age, have you ever wondered why? 

Or why it is that some of us seem to age better than others? What is their secret? 

Is how you age just good luck and good genes? 

More so, is there anything you can do to fight what appears to be a natural process and still find a way to age positively?

In this 4 part series about positive ageing: Is ageing positively even possible? Can we be happy in the skin we’re in? When the first signs of our skin ageing begin to appear, is there any way to feel positive about it? I’d even suggest, can we find acceptance in the passing of time and how it changes the appearance of our skin?  Not so easy, but important for your mental wellbeing. 

Read on and I’ll share with you what I know to be true. 

In search of the perfect moisturiser.

What are you looking for?

Statistically, finding the perfect moisturiser is the one thing women are more interested in than any other skincare product. 
When I read this little bit of info, to be honest, I was a bit confounded?  I’ve been known to say, more than once, when it comes to moisturising your skin, it’s probably the least important part of your beauty routine. But of course, you’ve probably never heard me say it, but if we met, well, I’d say it.
Read on, and I’ll share what I know to be true.

25,000 skin care products worldwide. Which one is right for you?

The Beauty Issue

25,000 skincare products!

25,000!! When I heard that statistic, it got me thinking? With so much choice and so many promises, how do you know which skin care product or brand is right for you? I know. It’s confusing and overwhelming. Now, here’s another thought, there are a bazillion beauty blogs, Instagram influencers and websites offering you advice. Of course, with a worldwide population of 7 billion, a bazillion perhaps is still not enough.