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Omnilux Contour™

Frequently asked questions.

Based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology, Omnilux Contour™ is  FDA cleared and approved.  

Omnilux Contour™

Frequently asked questions.

Based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology, Omnilux Contour™ is  FDA cleared and approved.  

What is Omnilux Contour?

Based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology, Omnilux Contour™ is FDA cleared and approved.  

A flexible, portable, affordable home-use device that uses light-emitting diodes (LED) to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin tone, firmness, and health.

How does Omnilux Contour™ work?

An optimised energy output and two clinically proven wavelengths of light work on a cellular level to stimulate new collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and minimise sun damage and the visible signs of ageing.

Is it safe?

Over 40 clinical studies and nearly 20 years of experience have proven that Omnilux light therapy is very safe, with no adverse side effects, no pain and no downtime. 

Omnilux Contour generates no heat or UV light and is safe for all ages and skin types.

What is the treatment regimen?

Omnilux recommends a course of treatments: three to five 10 minute treatments per week, for 4-6 weeks, followed by routine maintenance as desired.

Can I use Omnilux Contour™ with my current skincare products?

Omnilux Contour™ is compatible with most skincare routines. 

And, you can combine Omnilux Contour™ with other professional skin treatments such as micro-needling, peels, sonophoresis vitamin infusion and laser treatments, anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to promote healing to optimise results.

Do I need eye protection with the Omnilux Contour FACE mask?

The short answer is no. You don’t need to protect your eyes, although you might want to keep them closed initially as the red light is quite bright. 

Omnilux Contour™ has been tested and conforms to medical device standards, including IEC/EN 62471 Photobiological eye safety standard.

Is there a quick start guide?

Yes. Please refer to the Omnilux Contour User Guide included with the product for complete instructions for use, warnings, precautions and contraindications.

How does Contour compare to the Omnilux Medical professional system?

The Omnilux Medical device has an output of 105mW/cm2, but because the Omnlux Contour’s LEDs are directly on the skin, it delivers a higher concentration of light. 

It’s similar to shining a flashlight on a wall — the closer you get to the wall, the brighter and more intense the light becomes. 

Therefore, the dose delivered during a Contour treatment is very similar to that delivered with an Omnilux Medical professional device, which means the results are comparable. 

Can I use Contour while moving around, or do I have to remain plugged into a wall outlet while using it?

The Contour is entirely portable and battery-powered, so you can easily walk or move around while wearing it. You only need to plug the controller into an outlet to recharge the battery, which lasts for approximately 140 minutes, or 14 treatments.

Can I use it more frequently than the 2-3 x per week in your User Guide?

Yes. There is no downside to using it more frequently. However, using it more often will not, in most cases, provide any faster or better results.

How many LEDs does Contour have?

  • Omnilux Contour has more LEDs than any other home use LED device. 
  • Contour FACE has 132 LEDs (66 red and 66 infrared) encased in 66 bulbs. 
  • Contour NECK & DECOLLETE has 102 LEDs (54 red and 54 infrared) encased in 54 bulbs. 
  • Contour GLOVE has 144 LEDs (72 red and 72 infrared) encased in 72 bulbs.

What does LED light therapy do?

LED light therapy utilises specific wavelengths (colours) of light and energy levels (brightness) to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. 

LED light works at the cellular level, inducing a cascade of cellular reactions targeting specific skin conditions and outcomes.

Does LED light therapy really work?

Yes. Omnilux’s Contour™ devices are FDA cleared are clinically proven to produce medical-grade results.

However, not all LED masks are created equal. Some brands are less powerful and lack the clinical studies or FDA clearance that demonstrate proven effectiveness.

How long does it take LED light therapy to work?

We’re all different, and the condition of your skin when you commence might make a difference to the speed of your results. 

Some will see improvement in a single treatment, while others will see improvement with subsequent and ongoing treatments. 

In all cases, we recommend 3 – 5 treatments per week for four weeks, and then routine maintenance as desired.

What does an LED mask do for your face?

Omnilux Contour™ FACE reduces fine lines & wrinkles as well as the appearance of pigmentation and redness. It also improves overall skin tone and firmness.

Can I use an LED mask every day?

The Omnilux Contour protocol is 3 – 5 treatments per week for four weeks, followed by maintenance as desired. 

However, you may use your mask every day if you like. However, more frequent use may not produce faster or better results.

What does red LED light do for skin?

Red light reduces inflammation and boosts blood oxygen levels in the skin.

What are the benefits of red light therapy?

Red light therapy reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness in the skin. It also improves overall skin tone and restores a youthful glow.

What does infrared LED light do for skin?

Infrared light penetrates deeper than red light, targeting fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin.

What are the benefits of infrared light therapy?

Infrared light reduces fine lines & wrinkles and the overall improvement in skin firmness and vibrancy.

Are light therapy masks safe?

All Omnilux Contour™ products are FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness for all skin types. 

Omnilux products conform to all US and international testing standards for safety, including eye safety.

Will light therapy increase pigmentation or exacerbate melasma?

The red and near-infrared wavelengths used in our Contour devices have decreased pigmentation, not increased it. 

Although we are FDA-cleared for treating fine lines & wrinkles, studies and anecdotal data have shown benefits in reducing the overall appearance of sun damage and pigmentation. 

As melasma is a hormonal condition, it can be challenging to treat. 

While there have been some reports of melasma improvement using red and near-infrared light, Ommilux Contour™ has not specifically tested for this condition, but it should not worsen your melasma.

Will this help with psoriasis, rosacea or eczema?

Studies show red and near-infrared light therapy may effectively reduce redness & inflammation and improve overall skin tone due to rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema flare-ups. 

Even so, we’re all unique, and Omnilux Contour is yet to be tested for these skin conditions, so use with caution. 

Is light therapy safe to use with Retinol or Retin A?

For users taking prescriptive levels of Retin A such as Tretinoin, we do not recommend light devices. 

Omnilux recommends discontinuing Retin A for at least five days before performing light therapy treatments. 

Those using skincare products containing retinol should read the skincare instructions carefully for warnings and precautions concerning exposure to light. 

Cosmetics/skincare products containing retinol may be used with Contour devices if there are no precautions concerning exposure to light.

What is the Hydrogel mask?

The Omnilux Hydrogel mask is an all-natural gel product specially designed to enhance Omnilux Contour™ Face results by maximising light penetration into the skin. 

It’s ultra-nourishing and provides your skin with an extra boost of hydration during LED treatments – or used all on its own!

How do I use the Hydrogel mask?

Apply the Hydrogel mask to clean skin. Place the Omnilux Contour FACE device over the Hydrogel and secure it in place. 

Once your 10-minute treatment is over, remove the Hydrogel from your face and massage any remaining gel into your skin. 

Finish off with your favourite moisturiser or skincare products! 

Hot tip: because of the delicate, gel-like consistency of the Hydrogel Mask, it’s best to lie down while the mask is in place. 

What are the ingredients in the Hydrogel mask?

The Hydrogel mask is safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic and free of parabens and sulphates. 

The ingredients are 100% vegan and include Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B3, Ginger Root and Red Seaweed extract.

Can I use it while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Red light therapy is very safe overall; however, Omnilux does not have enough information about use while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

We recommend not using it unless approved by your doctor.

Should I use any serum, creme or other skincare products underneath the Contour light therapy devices?

Use your Omnilux Contour™ device on clean, bare skin or with the Contour Hydrogel Mask. 

However, if you desire extra hydration during treatment, you can use a light water-based or Vitamin C serum instead of the Hydrogel. 

Any other products could impact the amount of light reaching the skin and reduce effectiveness, or possibly cause a skin reaction or damage the Contour device itself.

Contraindications? You’ll find them here.

Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Professional results in the comfort of your home

Designed with the same optimised energy output and wavelengths of light as the Omnilux gold-standard medical devices, you get professional results in a single 10-minute treatment session. 

Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Professional results in the comfort of your home

Designed with the same optimised energy output and wavelengths of light as the Omnilux gold-standard medical devices, you get professional results in a single 10-minute treatment session.