Non surgical treatments to banish 10 years from your face.

banish 10 years from your face

The lure of non surgical treatments.

A few years back a company that I worked for did an expose’ to prove you actually can banish 10 years from your face with non surgical treatments.  Once pitched to a television studio the airing of the story soon followed. The before and after images were impressive. The public response was massive!!

So successful was the story, it catapulted the skincare brand to a whole new level of awareness and success. The phones ran hot!! Everyone wanted what she (the model) was having. 
I usually cringe at anything resembling a before and after makeover as they’re so often misleading and viewed with a touch of scepticism.


But this was different.

Appearing on national television during prime time and presented as a ‘somewhat’ unbiased story. A real story, which it was, unlike so many other similar stories. 
The model had a series of non-surgical treatments and procedures from laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, sonophoresis, as well as a series of chemical peels, injections to relax her wrinkles caused by frowning and dermal fillers to add overall volume and of course, cosmeceutical skin care. Voila’ 10 years banished from her face. She looked great!! 
You could call it a quick fix that took about 12 weeks, but hey, a lifetime of sun damage is never going to be fixed instantly. Right?
Interestingly, despite a full disclosure, the one thing that garnered the most attention, bordering on hysteria, was a single product. A tube of vitamin C cream. 
You would think those that went crazy over this story would have booked in for the whole enchilada of treatments. But no. In fact, this one product got so much attention the company ran dry and, as a smallish sized company it took several weeks to turn around a fresh batch. But like all good things, when you have to wait for it? Well, the excitement and expectation became palpable.  
I believe to this day; the company has many loyal devotees due to this exceptional Vitamin c product. Of course now, many years on, the inclusion of topical vitamin c in any skin care regimen is positively mandatory.


The longing for that magic silver bullet.

But why the frenzy over one product? Could it be most of us prefer a quick fix? We hope for that one-size-fits-all solution?  Of course, we do and with good reason. Everything else seems a bit complicated, or risky or expensive or just what other, braver people do. Right?
Personally, I love-me-a-bit of L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) on my skin. I write about this love affair in more detail over here. But despite my unrivalled passion, I know it’s only one piece of the ‘beautiful skin’ puzzle, and if you think one ingredient or one fabulous jar of cream or the occasional jab from a cosmetic doctor is going to fix your skin, then, sorry, but you will always be a little disappointed. 


But how about the idea you can banish 10 years from your face?

Deciding to go under the knife for the sake of our appearance, while for some, comes without too much hesitation, for me, I’m pretty sure if I were to alter my face to something more youthful, I’d prefer non-surgical treatments, with little downtime or side effects. But that’s just me. Thankfully, these days there are so many options and alternatives and despite the incredible advances in cosmetic surgery, you may never ever have to consider going under the knife of a plastic surgeon. You have options. 
So where do you start?
All those that rushed out and purchased their first ever tube of L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) were making a great start in protecting and having better skin. 
I’d be the first to recommend a high performing cosmeceutical brand as the first step to balancing the skin, reduce skin conditions and prepare the skin. 
Despite the seductive nature of a quick fix jab to soften your frown, it’s not going to rid your skin of discolouration or hyperpigmentation or brown spots or sagging tired skin. Nor will it remove a deeply etched wrinkle
Other slightly more invasive treatments but non surgical treatments will all give you a far better result if you’ve started preparing your skin with effective cosmeceutical skin care. 
So, start with great skin care, but if you’ve got a feeling there could be more on offer but you’re unsure the next step to take then venture over here. Banish 10 years from your face – part 2 where I’m sharing 5 non-surgical treatments that really can wind back the years. 


And now you?

Got a transformational story to share? Or perhaps a bad experience you’d like to forget? Or, you’d like to dip your toe in the water, but you’re still wary and sceptical of all those before and after shots? Start the conversation, leave your thoughts and comment below.  
See you next time,