Niacinamide: Your plan B.


Everyone should have a Plan B. Right?

So, if you’ve been following, then you’d know by now, every effective skin care regimen should have some form of Retinol in it. But, it would be folly to think every beauty or skin concern can be solved by one single ingredient.

Even if you’ve found the best-ever retinol formulation in the world!! Aaaannnnd… even if you use it every day. Your skin needs more. A backup plan. Or kind of like the supporting actress to your leading lady. After all, where would Thelma have been without Louise? Or Carrie without Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte? Right?

What’s your skincare back up plan?

Well, yep it’s Vitamin B3 or at least it should be! Also known as Niacinamide. An essential nutrient for good health, inside and out. 

We need B3 to maintain our health and you’ll find it in whole foods like red meat, chicken, turkey and fish like salmon and tuna as well as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and asparagus. Many packaged foods are fortified with Niacin so most of us are unlikely to be deficient (even if packaged foods are not the best source, but hey that’s another story, for another time).

What you may not know is how important Niacinamide or B3 is to your skin. In fact, if you want a better result from other clever ingredients like Retinol then Niacinamide (B3) is an essential piece of the skincare puzzle. 

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Of course, preventing bad things happening to your skin is always better, and when topically applied in serum formulations, Niacinamide (B3) prevents damage to your skin’s immunity cells. It protects your skin from the intensity of the sun, manages the balance of your delicate lipid barrier and, in turn, reduces redness and irritation caused by years of too much exposure to the environment. Niacinamide (B3) will also reduce sensitivity in the skin as well as control or minimise the transfer of unruly pigment in your skin which, if left unchecked will leave you with blotchy pigmentation. Oh, and when needed, Niacinamide will regulate oil flow. Phew!! That’s some Plan B!!


But you’re looking for a cure?

You may be thinking well, prevention is great, but I’ve already got a ton of problems in my skin. Is it too late? Will Niacinamide (B3) repair my skin? As I mentioned at the beginning of this story. Retinol and any other effective ingredient for that matter will have far greater power and efficacy within your skin if it’s backed up by Niacinamide (B3).

Why? Well, primarily Niacinamide (B3) supports your skin’s immunity and protects and prevents damage to your lipid barrier. All this added protection gives your skin a far greater chance of repair. A well-functioning skin will repair itself. And, a well-functioning healthy skin will accept other ingredients more efficiently.

A well-functioning healthy skin will accept other ingredients more efficiently, giving you a much better result.

Damage to the skin, such as blotchy pigmentation or even long-term permanent redness caused by the sun can be repaired if the skin is given a chance to do so. Of course, no repair will ever take place if you continue to expose your skin to the sun. But, if you stick with it, stay well out of the sun, add a quality formulation containing a good dose of Niacinamide to your regimen, then yep, you’re well on your way to much better skin. 

Why I love it?

Okay, so I’ve given you a snapshot of why I love Niacinamide (B3) but, if you’re like me and need a good backstory, then you’ll find a much longer read, where I go into all the ways Niacinamide will help your skin. It’s here: Niacinamide: 8 reasons why it’s a ‘must-have’ in your beauty regimen which is part of my Beauty 101 Series.

Where can you find it?

Many companies now feature Niacinamide in their serums and moisturisers. But it can still be hard to choose. Not sure? Look at the ingredient list. Most good serum formulations boasting Niacinamide will have it high up on the list of ingredients.

I’ve got my TBI faves of course, and you can find some of them here

And now you?

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