Makeup Ageing Your Skin? The Modern Makeup Dilemma.

The modern makeup dilemma

Is makeup ageing your skin? The more you try to cover imperfections, the more imperfect your skin can look. The skin can take on a dull, dry and dehydrated appearance. 

So far in our Positive Ageing Series, we’ve talked about how the skin ages and how we can adapt our skincare by introducing intelligent cell-communicating ingredients that make a positive impact on our skin. 

In this, the third part of the Positive Ageing Series, it’s time to take a look at how our makeup ages our skin and diminishes any chance of achieving a luminous glow. 

As time goes by and as our skin begins to change, the appearance of our first wrinkle, age spots, or signs of discolouration can come upon us slowly and subtly, but you’ve noticed the change. 

Trying to recapture our skin’s youthful glow can be challenging. Seeking out products such as full cover foundations, powders and concealers, which may hide imperfections, accentuate other skin conditions. This can be frustrating. 

The real answer lies in seeking out solutions to improve the health of your skin to shed dullness and bring back your skin’s natural glow.

Makeup foundation, powders and concealers can age your skin in two ways.

Firstly, foundations, powders and concealers, often leave us with skin looking dull, lifeless, and suffocated and can notoriously linger in our lines and wrinkles accentuating them further. 

And secondly, your skincare routine is being wasted as your serums and creams are drawn up and absorbed by these drying foundations and powders. All your efforts?  Wasted!! 

Keeping your skin luminous means embracing change.

The foundations and powders you’ve always used just don’t cut it any longer. It’s time to lighten up!! Literally! 

Doing what you’ve always done will no do.

Wearing heavy makeup can a hard habit to break. After all, you’ve probably been wearing your makeup in the same way for a very long time. But even so, you know it’s time for a change. 

Heavy foundations and highly pigmented powders dry the skin out, clog your pores and activate free radicals, leading to further age enabling damage to your skin. Certainly not the glowing with luminosity! 

A trip to a department store or beauty boutique can be daunting when the latest trends in makeup don’t suit you. You know winged eyeliner, glitter and frosted eye shadows and heavy foundations and powders are not really right for you anymore. 

You’re not a cookie!! Don’t be pushed into a cookie-cutter version of a makeup trend that’s just not for you.

Who can blame you for leaving empty handing feeling confused and misunderstood? Or worse, you made the purchase even though you thought your needs were not being heard or listened to. 

Let your skin shine through. Enhance don’t hide.

If you’ve invested in a skincare regimen to perfect your skin tone, texture and condition, then the fresh, even-tones of a glowing skin is the ultimate beauty credential. 

When it comes to choosing a foundation, less is more. It’s time to enhance your best features, not hide them. 

Sheer tints and BB Creams are a better option than heavy, full coverage foundations and powders. However, they can still leave your skin looking flat, dull and imperfections become more noticeable and prominent. 

What to look for?

Is makeup ageing your skin?

Is makeup ageing your skin?

Choosing ultra-sheer tinted creams, that even out the tone of your skin or try mixing your regular foundation with your moisturiser to customise your own sheer coverage. A hint of colour will be far more flattering than a full mask of heavy foundation.

But of course, you could opt for no makeup at all, but this may be unrealistic and if you choose well then you’ll be giving your skin another layer of protection from the environment. 

I always choose light tints and super hydrating foundations that go beyond foundation and become part of your treatment routine with the added bonus of antioxidants and sun protection. 

I’ve included two here that I think work really well. Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint, so light and beautiful and with broad-spectrum sun protection and sun protection factor of 15. Or, if you like just a little more coverage without compromising your beauty routine then Environ’s, Even More Foundation offers light coverage with added antioxidants as well as hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moisturised.

The application can make or break the way your cover looks. I always opt for a sponge, there are many on the market now. I like Ella Bache’s Facial Sponge. Hygienic, easy to clean and can be used for both removing your cleanser as well as doubling for your makeup application sponge. You can find them here. 

Is makeup ageing your skin? The more you try to cover imperfections, the more imperfect your skin can look.

Adding colour to enhance your natural features.

Lip Colour

As we age the female hormone, estrogen begins to decline, leaving our lips thinner and paler. Define and plump your lips with the use of lip primers and opt for satin-textured rather than glossy or matte formulations choosing soft hues one shade deeper than your natural lip colour.

Cheek Colour

Cheeks can begin to lose natural contour due to the reduction in the fatty pads on the cheekbone. Create more volume by adding a natural rosy glow to the cheeks using a cream blusher placed on the highest point of the cheek to lift and highlight.


Eyebrows can become thin and sparse in places, and thinly arched eyebrows are immediately ageing. Choose a soft brow pencil closely matching your natural hair colour, fill in any gaps with light feather strokes, blending well to softly redefine your brow. 


Choose natural and soft tones to enhance the shape of your eye, avoiding glitter, shimmer or frosted shadows and choose a lengthening mascara to coat the lashes without clumping. But wait. I know, you love a bit of glitter and shimmer? Then just a tiny pop on the centre of your eyelid close to your lashes may be all you need to brighten up the look of your eyes.

The answer is GREAT skin at every age.

Some skin conditions are hard to hide. Brown spots, discolouration, redness and blemishes are challenging to treat and can make you feel self-conscious. 

Skin conditions such as these are no fun, and you may think the only solution is to hide them with heavy makeup. But there is another, better approach. Spend the extra time and effort to take the step beyond skincare alone and invest in cosmetic treatments and procedures to treat the skin at the source of the problem. 

Enzyme re-activating treatments

A gentle lactic acid or mandelic peel will do wonders for the appearance of your skin. 

Low strength chemical peel treatments can reduce the ageing activities in the skin. They will activate your youth enzymes, increasing your skin’s hydration, smooth the texture of the skin, reduces visible pores and lighten epidermal hyperpigmentation. 

If you want to opt for something you can do at home, then Environ’s Youth+ Tri-BioBotanical Revival Masque is one of the best I’ve tried. I love this. Everyone that uses this product loves it. A combination of Lactic, Mandelic and Asiatic acids. This masque will give indeed revive your skin to bring a luminous glow.  

With time and commitment, you will eventually start to see a shift in the imperfections you’ve been trying to hide. 

Even with the best intentions, sometimes difficult to treat skin conditions remain. There are other options available to you, such as laser and light rejuvenating therapies, anti-wrinkle injections or even the prospect of cosmetic surgery.

Next week, we’re going deep inside. It’s time to look at some of the best choices you can make for your internal health that can make a noticeable difference to youthful, luminous skin.

See you next time,