Let’s go to Paris.

Carrie In Paris
I’ve been dreaming of going to Paris for a while now, walking the streets of Paris by night, shopping by day, travelling down the Seine in a boat, meeting the man of my dreams. Oh sorry, I drifted off for a moment. 

Carla Coulson Portrait Photography


I planned to go last year, but the concept and development of this website took precedence. I even toyed with the very romantic idea of having a professional photo shoot in the streets of Paris, actually I am still considering this idea and then Viola’ a message from heaven. Well, not quite, but almost. A message from the very talented and inspirational Carla Coulson appeared in my inbox. 
A competition! To win a fabulous portrait shoot in Paris!! Oh Magnifique!!
If you don’t know who Carla is, then please, you must go here. Carla creates magic, romance and love with her camera and her own personal story is just as inspirational as her photography and as a way of thanking her fans and followers, Carla is a holding a competition for a portrait shoot in Paris.  

Mais oui!!

I must enter. You must too.. You’ll have to find your own way to Paris as well as your own accommodation which can always be found over at Petite Paris
So planning a trip this year?  Then pop on over to Carla’s website for all the details.
Bonne chance!!

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Please note: This competition has expired.