Juice detox? It’s not just about the juice.

Juice detox

A juice revolution is born.

It was late, getting close to midnight on a Sunday night. Time to settle in for a night of restful slumber. But, night owl that I am. I’ll just watch a little bit of television before I drift off.. or so I thought. But, I couldn’t switch off. I was compelled. Here was a story about what seemed to me, like an extraordinary mission by one man to lose weight and get healthy. 

A sabbatical of sorts that took this Aussie guy away from his home, his friends and his free wheeling lifestyle to journey across America with not much more than a Juicer, a cameraman a lot of fruit and vegetables and a very big mission.


Juice Detox
The guy? Joe Cross. The film? Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. Maybe you’ve already heard of him, after all his documentary has been seen by over 20 million of us. Some would say it was Joe who started the green juice revolution. 


Even if you’ve never heard of Joe, these days you can’t look sideways without seeing someone with a jar filled with green juice. For many the idea of a juice detox is really about losing a few pounds gathering around their middle. Is it just another fad? Or is there something to all this juicing?


Not long after viewing the documentary, my Sister and I jumped on this healthy band wagon. It was not long before the best juicer on the market with all the attachments (to make sure we were doing it right) made it’s way into our lives. But for me, there was a little voice in the back of my head.. Juicing at home, starts with a bang but never lasts. I’d been here before. I even had a juicer stored away somewhere.


Eventually, the juicer just seems to get pushed to the back of the cupboard.

It’s just too messy, too time consuming. That little voice in my head was also telling me, what about all the pulp. That seems like pretty good stuff we’re throwing away. All that healthy fibre.  But, despite my internal dialogue, I was still convinced this was a brilliant idea for getting healthy. Eventually, my sisters juicer began to see the light of day less and less. 


Clean 'N' Green Smoothies

Not being one to give up on a good thing.

As an avid believer in that other revolution, you know, the one where you give up sugar and, as an ardent admirer of Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar revolution, it pleased me to see that Sarah had released a Digital E-Book Clean ‘N’ Green Smoothies.  Vive le jus révolution!!


This is what I’ve learned from Sarah.

It’s not just about the juice. We need the whole food, not just the juice. Our body needs the fibre that most juicers discard. It’s about blending, not juicing. 
We need at least 7 serves of vegetables a day. This is not always easy to achieve. Blending some of those servings into a smoothie is a great way to ensure we are getting all the nutrients we need and then some. 
The right blender. Sometimes getting ready for the big day is half the problem. I’ve been caught up in finding the best blender on the market, usually the most expensive. I now know that’s not necessarily the case. 
Include a little fat.  Adding a small amount of fat to every smoothie ensures the fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D and K are absorbed by the body. 
This is not a diet. Most diets do not work. Most of us have at some point discovered this fact. We lose and then we gain again. Nor is this a short term detox. It is, however, a way of life. Including green smoothies is a bit like not eating sugar anymore, it’s just what I do now. 
It’s green, smooth and interesting. Sarah’s book includes blended smoothies in a bowl, nutritious dense smoothie drinks and smoothie toppers to add a bit of excitement and crunch. All delicious, all great for the inner you and amazing for your skin!!


Juice detoxIf losing weight is your goal.

Some say, one of the reasons we have difficulty in losing a few pounds is not just because we are consuming more calories than our body needs, but that our body is hanging on to fat as a way of grappling for any shortfalls in much needed nutrients. It could be we need much more nutrition than our normal diet allows for. Blending smoothies could be the answer to this. Not only nutrient dense, blended smoothies are quite filling, so they can curb your appetite when meal time comes around. 


Juice Detox

On last thing..

It’s cute and all, but if it’s not you then you don’t have to drink your green smoothie out of a jar, (with or without handle) a normal glass is just fine, but of course when you’re on the go jars with lids are cool for storing and glass is always a better option than plastic..  but just keep in mind the goodness and nutrition of your smoothie is beginning to oxidise the moment it is blended, so it’s best to drink your smoothies within 30 minutes.


 Clean ‘N’ Green Smoothies

If you like the sound of Sarah’s e-book then just click on the images above and it will take you to her store. It’s 64 pages of enlightening info and many beautiful recipes and yes, I will get a tiny commission if you decide to buy via the link on this page. I hope you enjoy all the gorgeous delights!! Let me know what you think. 


See you next time,

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