Do this one thing for glowing skin.

Glowing Skin

We all want glowing skin.

It’s probably the one thing we notice, long before lines and wrinkles appear or other visible signs of ageing like hyperpigmentation.
It’s the loss of luminosity in the skin. Your skins youthful glow. 
Often replaced with a dull, lacklustre kind of appearance. Makeup doesn’t look as good as it once did and you’re always searching for the perfect moisturiser. 

It’s a fact, no matter which skin care regimen your using, you’re always looking for that elusive youthful glow. 


Should you despair?

Perhaps it’s modern society or perhaps it is the human condition to look for that magic, shiny, silver bullet. Does it even exist?
The perfect diet, the perfect gym routine, the perfect man/woman, the perfect moisturiser, the makeup that will bring a glow to your skin regardless of what’s going on underneath?
The quick fix promising to solve whatever it is that bothers us.
When it comes to our skin, never was it truer than the desire to find a single solution to our ageing skin and the loss of a natural glow of luminosity.
Before you throw your hands up in the air with complete frustration and despair, you may want to consider what more can be done.


It’s never so simple, but then, nor should it be so complicated.

If you come back here often enough, you’ll find I write about the basics of skin care and how you might be unknowingly sabotaging your results or even, dare I say it, causing your skin to lose its natural glow.
You can read about this here: You can read all about 8 things sabotaging your skincare results.
Then, of course, there are the disastrous results from continually searching for the holy grail of skincare and while it’s true, there are some brilliant cosmeceutical brands to be found, there’s no point if you don’t stick with it. 
Once you’ve found a brand you like and feel you can trust.. go the long distance with it. See what a committed approach can do for you. More on this over here: Why your skin care never works.


But you can go one step further and you should.

There are so many specialised treatments on offer these days, treatments that work brilliantly, there seems to be no reason to hesitate.
If you have the financial means then go forth. With the help of an experienced skin care professional, dermal therapist or a doctor who specialises in cosmetic medicine, you can make huge changes to the appearance of your skin. More on this here: Banish 10 years from your face.


Too overwhelming? Start here.

Of course, with so much on offer, it’s overwhelming and a bit scary.  
So let’s chat about the not-so-scary reason why you should incorporate chemical peels into your beauty routine. Not just the occasional peel before a big fancy event, although that’s a very good idea.
No, no. I’m talking about regular chemical peels to keep your skin performing as it should, functioning at its optimum, banishing some of the sins of the past and activating the youth enzymes in the skin to stop your much-loved collagen from being damaged and destroyed and getting the skin ready for other treatments.


Glowing SkinHow do you choose?

There are a variety of chemical peels available to achieve the glowing skin you’re hoping for. The type and strength will depend on whether you seek out a salon professional or a cosmetic doctor.
If you want more information on the various types of peels in a lot more depth then you can go check out The Peels Series where you’ll find a ton of information; the do’s and don’ts and what you can achieve with a chemical peel, what you can’t. There’s even a checklist you can download. Get it here


Want glowing skin? Do it. Find someone you trust and just do it.

Of course, chemical peels are not the only solution to your skin issues. You could have Microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, or Fractional Laser to name but a few.
But, chemical peels do and should fit in with all these treatments. To get your skin ready for more invasive treatments, to maintain the skin post-procedure or as a stand-alone treatment to keep your skin looking good and slowing down the dysfunction that comes along with ageing skin. Chemical peels are one of the best places to start for glowing skin. It’s all uphill from here. 


What do I love?

Glad you asked. For me, it’s Lactic Peels, they suit my skin, usually with very little downtime and rarely any visible peeling and the action on the skin is three-fold; to gently unhinge the skin cells hanging around on the surface of your skin making it look dry and dull, to boost the production of Hyaluronic Acid and improve the skin’s moisture and hydration from within and to deactivate the destructive enzymes gobbling up your much-needed collagen.
There are other peels options such as Salicylic Acid (BHA) for oily, acne and pimple prone skin, or Mandelic Acid for skins that are a little more sensitive or you may want to opt for gentler enzyme peels that refresh the skin beautifully. Your skin care professional will decide on the best one for you. 


One chemical peel is never enough.

The occasional chemical peel is a very nice idea, in most cases it will slough away the dead cells sitting on the surface of your skin, giving it an instant refresh and the glowing skin you want.
Beautiful! We love that. But if you want a long-lasting result then a series of chemical peels is truly what you need. 


When a peel like Lactic Acid is regularly administered to the skin it will activate a cascade of positive events in the skin.


Moisture levels will improve. Enzymes that degrade and destroy your collagen will be brought into line or at the very least slowed down. Hyperpigmentation, which many of us worry about can be diminished and minimise difficult-to-treat conditions like Melasma.
But, it’s worth noting, as wonderful as chemical peels are, difficult to treat pigmentation will need a more specialised approach. But, with a chemical peel, you’ve started the process. 
Chemical skin peels will prepare the skin for other specialised treatments and maintain your results. Consider chemical peel as an essential element in your long-term results and the overall health and glow of your skin.
Who doesn’t want that? Right?


And now you?

Are you a convert to regular chemical peels? Got a story you’d like to share? Why not leave a comment or if you found this article useful, then why not share it with your friends.
See you next time.
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