Forbidden fruit. How sweet it is.

Forbidden fruit. How sweet it is.

No need to miss out on the sweeter things in life.

4 delightful sugar-free recipes to satisfy your inner sweet tooth.
If you have been following this website for a while, you may know that I live a sugar-free life and have done so for the last two years. Most of the time it’s pretty easy.  In fact,  easier than I ever thought possible, but of course there can still be occasions when it can be difficult.

Usually, the most challenging times are in social situations where it’s hard to ignore and refuse the sugary foods on offer.
Take heart, if you are considering making the change, then giving up sugar does not have to mean giving up the sweetness. Although some would say (especially in the beginning of your sugar-free life) any sweetness can trigger the reward receptors in your brain which can lead to a sugar addiction.. but let’s not be too hard on ourselves. 


Giving up sugar means giving up many fruits as it is fructose (fruit sugar) that causes problems with our digestion.

But giving all fruits would be a mistake as there are some fruits not only low fructose fruits but extremely high in the antioxidant compound known as Anthocyanin. Yep, a bit of a mouthful, but so essential for minimising free radical damage in your body.  So, the good news?  You get to enjoy the joys of deliciously desirable fruits like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries!  


Keep those Antioxidants coming.

Two more foods simply loaded when it comes to antioxidants are Green Tea (okay not a fruit, but a potent antioxidant so I can’t leave it out) and Cocoa (okay, technically not a fruit either, but the seed from the Cocoa pod is indeed a fruit). Either way, eating chocolate usually feels forbidden, so you are going to love the recipe I’ve found for you amongst these other delightful treats. 


Goats Cheese Mouse with Roasted Blueberries

This recipe is from Jennifer Farley at her website Savory Simple and does include sugar cane, but if you goal is to be sugar free then you can simply swap out the sugar for the natural sweetener, Stevia and viola’ you have a sugar free treat. Just click on the image below to head on over to Jennifer’s website and the full recipe.

Forbidden fruit. How sweet it is.


Raspberry Chia Jam

If you thought the delights of sugary fruit jams were off the menu when you give up sugar, then think again.  This is a very clever and super healthy take on an old favourite. Click on the image below and you will be directed over to the website for this ever so easy recipe.




The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Version 2.0

This tempting treat is sugar free and from Melissa at The Whimsical Wife and inspired by Sarah Wilson’s book, I Quit Sugar. If you love the look of this decadent little treat, then click on the image for Melissa’s sugar free recipe.
Chocolate Brownie (sugar free)


Green Tea Ice-Cream

Life without ice-cream would be a bleak one indeed but with this recipe your longing for creamy delights is combined with the powerhouse antioxidants of Green Tea.. What more could you want? Click on the image for the recipe from the clever peeps over at


Green Tea Ice-Cream

I hope you love these recipes as much as I do, not only giving you a burst of antioxidants but also satisfying any yen you may have for the sweeter things in life. Let me know what you think or if you have any temptingly sweet, sugar-free alternatives you may have in your own repertoire. 


See you next time, 

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