How eating jelly can reduce your wrinkles.


Gelatin, the overnight sensation.

What’s a family get-together without a big bowl of Jelly trifle? But have you ever thought of jelly as a health food? No? A superfood? Are you kidding? Reduce wrinkles? Really?
They say it takes 20 years to make an overnight success. When it comes to gelatin, you could say even longer. It’s been around for so long you’d be forgiven for thinking it was anything more than an essential, albeit humble ingredient for making jelly. Well, read on as I’ve got some great news for you. 

Suddenly, for me, an overnight revelation and my personal love/obsession with of all-things-jelly; now in full swing. Initially, for me, jelly was a way to curb my craving for ice-cream. What’s that about? No idea, but I thought, could Jelly be a healthier alternative? Yes, indeed it could. Gelatin is my newly anointed superfood of choice. Keep reading and I’ll share some deliciously delightful recipes to satisfy your own sweet longings. 

But first, how does a big bowl of jelly slow down the signs of an ageing skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles?

It’s not a joke, promise!

The more I researched gelatin, the happier I became. Finding out my new superfood has the power to reduce wrinkles by building up a healthy supply of collagen? I’m sold. In a very obsessive kind of way. Yes, I’m having myself a jelly-love-in at the moment. 
The list of good things you’ll get from eating gelatin is impressively long. Build collagen, curb sugar cravings, suppress your appetite and late-night snacking, improve your beauty sleep and relieve insomnia, aid your digestion, assist in the healing and recovery of acne, relieve joint problems, assist in the balance of your hormones and relieve anxiety. Yes, it’s a very impressive list of good things. 

Does it get any better than this?

Actually? Yes. It does. It gets a whole lot better. And if you want to know more about the healthful benefits of including gelatin in your diet, then you can head on over for an excellent read by Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar fame, where she gave us 15 types who need to eat gelatin. I’m going to hazard a guess we all fall into this list in some way. But for the purpose of this article, I’m going to keep our focus on how, eating jelly can reduce wrinkles and give us all beautiful, glowing, healthy skin from the inside. 

But what is Gelatin?

It comes as a powder and is essentially collagen protein derived from beef, providing you with a wonderful source of protein and adding essential amino acids to your diet. 18 amino acids in all, and specifically Glycine for improved wound healing, Proline to improve your tendons and ligaments and Alanine to support collagen structure. Combined with vitamin C, will help keep your hair, skin, and nails stronger and healthier. 

Jelly for wrinkles?

I say jelly because the best way to consume gelatin is by adding hot water to dissolve and combining with your favourite fruit or fruit juice and make yourself a batch of jelly gummies. 
But how does eating jelly help reduce wrinkles? Glad you asked. Put very simply, jelly or gelatin is a collagen protein and by consuming it regularly, you’ll get the necessary amino acids to build up your lost supply of collagen, which is especially useful as we age and our collagen production slows down. 
But of course, if you need the proof-in-the-proverbial-jelly-pudding then you may like to read this scientific study. 
I’ve written about foods that boost your collagen before over here and if you don’t want to get your collagen from beef, then Marine collagen is a good option but you won’t be able to make jelly from it, but a great addition to your green smoothie. 

GelatinLet the obsession begin!!

Okay, so maybe you don’t care how it works, you just want the results and you want them now. Good for you! Scroll down hit the BUY NOW button in this article and order your first batch of gelatin. Let the jelly obsession begin!! I can’t wait to hear how you go with it. Wobble your way to age-defying youthful skin!
But, okay, if you like a bit more proof-in-the-proverbial-jelly-pudding, then read on. 

What happens when your skin ages?

Lines and wrinkles form, the skin no longer bounces back like it once did. As time goes by, it gets a little dysfunctional, things happen, your skin changes, some you can control, like staying out of the sun and minimising bad habits like smoking and too much alcohol. But some ageing you can’t control and with all your best intentions your skin looks older than you’d like it to, or just not as luminous.
You’d be forgiven for thinking an ageing skin is inevitable. To a degree it is. Our exposure to the oxygen we breathe alone brings a whole lot of oxidative damage. But, wait. Just because something seems inevitable, does that mean we should give up and let the wrinkles emerge before their time? I think not. You can slow down the demise of your skin’s collagen, and speed up the production of new collagen, the essential building block to strong, wrinkle-free skin.
Enter collagen protein. Gelatin. Consumed regularly you will improve the texture, flexibility and overall good health of your largest organ. Yep, your skin. 

Just because something seems inevitable, does that mean we should give up? Let the wrinkles form before their time? I think not. You can slow down the demise of your skin’s collagen.

What to look for?

A walk down the supermarket aisle for a couple of packets of aeroplane jelly is not going to cut it. Full of mysterious ingredients and certainly the manufacturing process or where the gelatin is sourced, will not make commercial jelly powder a superfood. You’ll need to seek out your preferred brand from a good health food store or as I did, you can purchase it online. 


For me, if I’m going to eat something sourced from beef, then I want to feel assured it comes from a safe, sustainable source. I’m pleased to know that Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar fame is now producing her own and sourced from pasture grazing cows, fed on grass.
If you’re a vegan, this product is not for you. Nothing more I can say about it. Vegetarian? Again if beef is off your menu, then gelatin is not for you. But, if you’re okay with seafood, then you could opt for marine collagen.  However, the best source of collagen I know of is certainly, at least for me, gelatin from sustainable beef practices, from cows raised on pastures and primarily grass-fed.

My final word.

If you’re seeking the health benefits of gelatin, then making your jelly desserts sans sugar is the way to go. I gave up sugar over three years ago. Mostly it’s easy, but sometimes not so. Celebrations with family and friends are the most difficult times.  Sugar-free Jelly gummies and desserts are such an amazing way to add a little sweetness in your life and curb sugar cravings and a brilliant alternative for kids. We all need less sugar in our lives, our children certainly do.  I’ve included links above to Sarah Wilson’s mini digital book of ‘Gut Lovin’ Gummies’ which has some great recipe ideas to get you started and you’ll also find the link to her sustainable sourced Gut Lovin’ Gelatin.
If you buy Sarah’s Gut Lovin’ Gelatin I will receive a tiny commission. Just thought I’d let you know that.

And now you?

Do you have a question about gelatin? Leave it in the comments section below this article. And if this article helped you, why not share it with your friends. Go on, spread the jelly love!! Not only will your skin, your hair and your nails thank you; but so will your friends. 
See you next time,