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Just a few words. How you should take my advice.

The information and advice on this website should never replace the help of a medical professional. My aim is to inform and advise, based on my own experience , research and knowledge. That is all. 

I am a qualified skin therapist with a personal interest in health and wellness. Still, I am not a healthcare practitioner or a naturopath, nor do I have any medical training.

As a qualified skin therapist, the advice I offer comes from many years of experience working directly with clients and professionally training other skin & beauty therapists.

My goal on this website is to inform you by sharing my knowledge and experience. Hopefully, assisting you in wading through the vast amount of well-meaning (sometimes) advice and information already out there that may, at times seem complicated or worse completely bamboozle you and leave you feeling frustrated and confused.

You could view the advice and information found on this website as nothing more than my opinion. I’m merely seeking to enlighten you and perhaps provoke you into thinking more about what it means to have beautiful skin and age well.

I hope I can provide you with enough information, so when you do seek further professional advice, you have a little more knowledge to assist you in knowing the right questions to ask. Alone, this can be empowering.

I hope I can shine a light on feeling good about yourself, while also finding genuine ways to improve your skin both inside and out and if I find great information and products worth sharing, I will and, where possible, reference the source from where it came.

If you don’t like the information or advice you find here, that’s okay; my website may not be for you. However, if you are nasty, negative or hateful, your comments will never appear on my website.

You will be ignored at best, permanently blocked at worst.

Life is far too short to suffer negativity. That said, I encourage constructive feedback and I’ll always welcome comments and emails that enlighten and empower us all to live well.

If you have a specific question please email me here.

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