The diet starts tomorrow!

The diet starts tomorrow

Here we go again. Promises, promises.

Alright, so you’ve told yourself this before and now here you go again. The diet starts tomorrow, just after this last piece of cake, or you’re  just going to finish off all the treats left from Christmas.. then you’ll start. Truly, the diet really does START TOMORROW!


Yep, it’s that darn little voice again.

Of course, we all know any real, meaningful weight loss is a lifestyle choice. It’s an ongoing and permanent way of eating. But hey, Christmas, C’mon it’s tough to stay on course with your lifestyle choices, Right? Or maybe, your diet choices were not so good before all the festivities and then Christmas day came around and BAM! You really blew it this time, and the scales are not broken. It is what it is. Buying any new clothes is not an option until this weight gets lost.


Time to take a bit of action right?

2015 being the year of amazing and all, it’s time to reveal the amazing body lying just below the surface of your current body! It’s true, it’s there, just waiting for you, once and for all, time to finally commit to those lifestyle choices you keep putting off until tomorrow.


The time to start is NOW!

Of course it is. Don’t over think it. Just start. The rest will follow. But wait. There’s always challenges or obstacles. How will this fit in with the rest of the family? And no sooner do you start something, you’re invited out to dinner and besides, it’s not you, it’s your hormones, ever since hitting (insert whatever age), you just can’t shift the weight. So true!! But still, surely settling isn’t the answer. That’s just another little story we all keep telling ourselves when it’s all a bit too hard.
Every reason why we cannot make changes can be backed up with reasons why we can. If you’re quitting sugar, but everyone else in the family continues to consume copious amounts of this toxic stuff, then it may be time to sit down and have the conversation about making a few changes for the whole family. Or, if you’re as keen as a caveman on the hunt for his next meal to commence a whole new life with Paleo, then bring the whole family along. The foods can be quite delicious as is proven by Pete Evans fantastic, best-selling new book Family Food, so good in fact, they’ll not even know they are revisiting the way their ancestors once ate food.


But what’s right for you and your lifestyle? Here are three ideas worth taking a little look closer to see if they’re going to fit in with your life..


Diet starts today

You’ve decided to quit sugar?

Congratulations, you’ve made the big decision to quit sugar. Now what? You could just go ‘cold turkey’ but you may like a little help along the way, in which case Sarah Wilson’s book’s will be so beneficial to your ultimate success. Sarah also has an 8 week program to help kick-start you on to the road of recovery from too much sugar and processed foods. I have not done the program, nor am I an affiliate, but I have heard many great success stories from the plan and if you need ‘a support group’ of sorts then this could be the program for you, and as someone who gave up sugar and processed foods I can highly recommend quitting sugar as a very positive lifestyle choice. If you need the extra push, then Sarah’s 8 week program registrations close on 20th January 2015.




Diet starts today

This is the year of Paleo?

It’s very hard to go passed the exuberance of celebrity chef Pete Evans when it come’s to the Paleo way of eating. Not only has Evan’s written a couple of great books, there is now an accompanying TV Show and of course a 10 Week Activation Program to get you well on your way. Paleo is not for everyone, as to be considered a true Paleo, you will be cutting out Dairy, Legumes and Wheat. Personally, I like the Paleo concept and I love Pete Evan’s latest book Family Food and I adapt my eating to something akin to Paleo but without some of the more rigorous restrictions. So maybe I’m not Paleo at all, but just looking for good unpackaged nutrition and balance. You can read about it here. I got is book as a Christmas book this year and it’s great, so even if you don’t want to go Paleo full-time, you will find some fantastic recipes to include in your normal eating plan. If you keen, Pete Evan’s The Paleo Way registrations close 18th January 2015.


Diet starts today


You just want to be a little bit healthier?

Newly wedded Cameron wrote a book last year and if you missed it, then it’s still on the best seller lists and for good reason. I love The Body Book by Cameron Diaz for her quirky, yet down to earth approach to health. The Body Book will set you on the path to health without being too restrictive. It’s a practical approach which for many is the best way to tackle lifestyle changes. This book appeals to me for its well-roundedness. This is not just another celebrity writing their own version of health, This is a well researched, scientifically proven approach. This is not a diet book, this a lifestyle. This IS a book to help you make meaningful and lasting changes and it just happens to be written by a celeb.. with a bit of help from health expert Sandra Bark. 



So, if your diet is starting tomorrow, or today or you’ve set some great goals for 2015 and you want to get off to a great start then these three inspirational books and the people behind them may be just what you need to reveal the true you lying just beneath the surface. 


And now you?

Got you healthy living 2015 goals sorted? Got a book or program that’s worked for you? I’d love to hear about it, why not share your comments or tips for healthy living in the comments below.
See you next time,

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