Confessions of an occasional beauty addict.

Beauty addict

Or why I’m here..

If you have been following The Beauty Issue for a while, or read my about page or my manifesto, then you may have an idea that I began my career in beauty as a beauty therapist. What you may not know is, after a short lived stint working in a beauty salon it became abundantly clear to me, what I loved about beauty therapy was not painting nails, plucking eyebrows or waxing away the hirsute needs of my clients.

No, it was the sharing of knowledge and helping others in finding solutions to their skin issues. This is what really inspired me. This was and still is the driving force in my career.


But let’s go back a bit.Beauty addict

When I was 16, the big wide world and what to do with my life in the short time I have here was as confusing as it was exciting.  With my dream of a career as a prima ballerina ending at around the age of 6, what else was there? Career advice became like a big colour wheel of ideas with so many seeming out of reach. At 16 do we really have the power or enough knowledge of the world to decide or even the discipline it takes to map out the future we dream of? It’s no wonder so many of us end up in accidental careers and then ponder, how did I get here and the bigger question how can I get out of here? 


Life leaves little clues

My first clue appeared with the random purchase of a book called A Year of Beauty and Health by Beverly and Vidal Sassoon. First published in 1976, it was unknowingly to be the beginning of my career in beauty, although it was another 8 years before I became a beauty therapist and despite my early disillusionment, I finally found my voice in the unlikely place behind a cosmetic counter in a department store. This is where I started to lean towards what I was really born to do. Which now in hindsight was, I guess, to teach.


Eventually, this passion led from consulting daily to individuals with skin problems and concerns to an audience of post graduate beauty therapists and skincare professionals all over Australia, educating them in the hope they would one day find their own voice and share it.


My career credentials have evolved with 3 brilliant skin care companies.

Very early on it was to be with Ella Bache’ where I learnt that no two skins are alike, to the cosmeceutical brand Ultraceuticals, where I came to believe everyone should have great skin and then to the innovative and inspiring brand Rationale where I began to understand what you really want is a luminous skin for a lifetime.


I started this business as a way of empowering you.

So now I blog as a way to share my knowledge and experience.  With over 25,000 products (and counting) in the world, you would think maybe there are a few answers and solutions to your skin care worries, concerns or problems. You deserve to know how and what to choose. Right?


I have said it before here, there are only a few ingredients that make a difference. Maybe ten tops, but there are many, many variations in the way these active ingredients are formulated. So when you are trying to navigate your way through all this choice, once you’ve determined the product you have chosen has the right ingredients, the rest comes down to what you like. Your own personal criteria for a brand or product may be the look, the feel, the scent, organic, preservative free. Of course, if you were to ask a formulating cosmetic chemist what your criteria should be, they may say, it’s all about the science, efficacy and results, which is so very true, but the affinity you have with your product of choice does matter if you are going to commit long enough to see results.


So, this article began with the promise of a confession.

Here it is. I am not a fan of the beauty industry or perhaps to put it more accurately, I have a love/hate relationship with the beauty industry. I love the science, I even love the glamour, but the hyped up promises? Well, they leave me a bit cold.  
I am not the kind of beauty blogger (if that’s what I am) who is going to bombard you with products choices. I prefer a minimalist approach to beauty and although I often subscribe to the idea of 6 or so steps in your daily regimen, I do not believe in the constant search for the ‘latest and greatest product’ unless the science is there to back it up or there is something truly new and unique which is going to provide you with amazing results.


Beauty addictNor am I a beauty addict or beauty junkie!!

Not even close. I am, however, a big fan of finding the right solutions for you.  Not just in your skin care, but other things that impact on the beauty of your skin, like the foods you eat and the thoughts you think about your own beauty.
Unlike other beauty blogs, I limit the amount of product reviews I do. My aim is to give you enough knowledge to choose for yourself. Sure, you will have questions in your quest, you should, it’s your precious skin and deserves the best you can find.


There is one big question I’m often asked.

Sometimes, even the best product in the world with all the science to support it, still just doesn’t seem to work for you. Why is that? Well, come back here next week and I will reveal why your product may never work for you and what you can do about it. 


Be like a ballet dancer. Have discipline.. 



 Now it’s your turn.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email with your own personal experiences.  The brands or products you thought were going to work but didn’t or the products you’ve found absolutely knocking it out of the ballpark when it comes to results. I’d love to hear all your stories as they’ll help me in writing future articles. I’m here and I’m waiting..


See you in the comments,

The Beauty Issue