Cinematic Beauty: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

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I’ll be taking a look at those women whose style, beauty and talent transcend time and place — taking inspiration from both classic and new cinema: their look, their talent, their unique sense of style, and their classic and timeless beauty.
This week, in keeping with the recently announced 2015 Oscar nominations, I want to shine a little light on the French actress, Marion Cotillard recently nominated for her role in the film Two Days, One nightdirected by the Dardenne brothers from Belgium.


Born in Paris, France in 1975.

Marion became an actress at the young age of 16 and although she appeared in many roles and won the prestigious Cesar Award for her role in ‘Les Jolie Choses‘ in 2001 and later in 2004 for her role alongside Audrey Tatou in A Very Long Engagement‘, it was her performance in 2007 playing Edith Piaf in ‘La Vie En Rose’ that catapulted her to what seemed like overnight success.  Her performance as Edith Piaf led to winning an Oscar for Best Actress in a leading role, A Bafta Award, Cesar Award and a Golden Globe. A stand out performance for Marion and a hectic year back in 2008.


marion cotillard Marion Cotillard - La Vie en Rose

Since then Marion has starred in many films, those of note that I loved was, Midnight in Paris, a cleverly written film by Woody Allen, where dissatisfaction with the present become intertwined with a romantic and nostalgic view of the past. The film takes us on a journey from 21st century France to the bohemian days of the 1920s where Marion appears as Adriana the poetic muse of Pablo Picasso. The other favourite of mine was the 2009 musical drama ‘Nine‘ directed by Rob Marshall, this is the movie version of the Broadway musical and based on Federico Fellini’s semi-autobiographical film 8½. Marion plays the wife (Luisa) of the famous philandering Italian film director; Guido Contini played by Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s a musical, which I’ve always had a soft spot for, but if you’re reluctant, well, don’t be as this is a gorgeous film and Marion is lovely. Yep, she can sing and dance too!


Marion Cotillard performs ‘Take it All’ in the musical ‘NINE’ directed by Rob Marshall.


Two days, one night.

In the film, Two days, one night, Marion plays Sandra a working-class mother who sets out over two days to salvage a job she has lost due to circumstances surrounding her battle with depression. What sounds like a simple story, evokes powerful realism to portray one woman’s struggle with depression and the compassion, wisdom and solidarity of the people involved in this tale. 
To say Marion is a brave and versatile actress would be an understatement on a grand scale. Marion inhabits every role, so much so, despite her undeniable movie star status, it’s easy to become lost in the character that Marion plays. So engaging is Marion with every performance she tackles, in every scene, in every movie. I find her immensely watchable.


Marion Cotillard

Is it a French thing?marion cotillard

If you are wondering about Marion’s skin. Well, perhaps it’s just her French genes. Fine and translucent, this is a skin that for Marion at the age of 39 is in great condition. To keep it that way Marion’s tendency to dehydration would respond well to the inclusion of a well-formulated milk cleanser and a moisturiser that provides the perfect balance of essential fatty acids and ceramides. As a Greenpeace activist at heart, Marion prefers brands with an ethical conscience and has remarked that she likes Dr Hauschka as well as the French organic beauty brand Melvita and the naturally based formulations of Logona from Germany.


These brands are not ‘cosmeceutical’ but, if like Marion Cotillard you prefer your skincare to be organic or natural in philosophy, then these brands do provide high-quality ingredients, and if overall you have a skin with few problems then these gentle beauty brands will do the job of keeping it that way. Melvita and Logona are hard to get in Australia, but Dr Hauschka you can get here or here


Marion Cotillard

Perhaps one day Marion will sail off with Greenpeace to fight the causes she holds dearly, but there is no doubt, regardless of whether Marion Cotillard wins the Oscar this year, she will grace the large screen for as many years as she desires. A great beauty with magnificent talent. 


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