Sunscreen, sun beds and the myth of the safe tan.


Sun beds banned!!

This week the decision to ban commercial sun-beds was passed in 4 states of Australia and will become effective on December 31st. This seems like a LONG overdue ruling but a very welcome one in my opinion. 

Why the ban?

Or why in a country like Australia with so much sun would there ever be the need for anyone to bother with sun beds.

A sugar free Christmas

sugar free christmas

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

I don’t eat sugar, in fact I have not eaten any significant quantities of sugar for nearly 3 years. I never really ate that much sugar anyway, but it seemed like a good way to improve my health and as I often say, it takes the everyday sweet temptation challenges right out of the equation when processed sugar is no longer in your world. I find it easy, most of the time. But then comes Christmas. 

Are your hormones ruining your life?

Your hormones

Is it just me or is it my hormones?

There is a well known belief that admitting you have a problem is the first and biggest step to conquering the problem. This is a belief usually applied to problems with addiction.
Another way of looking at this idea is that once you admit to a problem not only can you begin to solve the problem but it opens your mind up to new ways of looking at the problem and possible solutions. Strangely as you begin to do this, new ideas, concepts, people and answers you just couldn’t see before, begin to emerge.

Finding balance in a crazy world

Finding Balance

Diary of an orthorexic.

This is a story about balance. A story about pushing through all the noise, advice and good intentions and listening to what you and your body needs. But first a story about Orthorexia:  Which, if you look up this word, is defined as an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy.

Juice detox? It’s not just about the juice.

Juice detox

A juice revolution is born.

It was late, getting close to midnight on a Sunday night. Time to settle in for a night of restful slumber. But, night owl that I am. I’ll just watch a little bit of television before I drift off.. or so I thought. But, I couldn’t switch off. I was compelled. Here was a story about what seemed to me, like an extraordinary mission by one man to lose weight and get healthy.