Vitamin D and the sunshine conundrum

vitamin D

The beauty vitamin we all need.

If there was a vitamin that could be named universally as the beauty vitamin, then for me, vitamin D would be the one. Often called the sunshine vitamin, it’s actually a hormone which is stimulated when sunshine interacts with a type of cholesterol found in your skin.

This magical interaction should store vitamin D for when your body needs it. Great, that all seems simple enough, get a little sunshine and you’re good to go. And yet, we seem to be missing out...

Vitamin A for your skin – Activate your youth enzymes!

Vitamin A - Activating your youth enzymes

Not all Vitamin A derivatives are created equal.

Any skin care company promising to stamp out wrinkles, eliminate brown spots or pigmentation or even clear up acne, will (or should) have some form of Vitamin A contained within the regimen.
Choosing the right vitamin A derivative for your skin can be confusing as not all vitamin A derivatives for the skin are created equal.

Beauty 101: Is your collagen getting enough vitamin C?

C is for Collagen

What makes a strong and healthy skin?

Collagen is one of the building blocks of your skin. Found in your dermis (the living layer of your skin), Collagen (Type 1) is the fibre that gives your skin its strength, resilience and structure. It is an essential aspect of healthy skin.


Things go a little bit haywire.

As time goes by, the accumulation of sun exposure and other factors like hormonal changes can lead to bone and fat loss. But there are other dysfunctions such as disruptions to our skin’s protective layer and an activation of free radicals can all leave your skin a little less than the resilient, bouncy skin it should be.

Niacinamide: Your plan B.

Everyone should have a Plan B. Right?

So, if you’ve been following, then you’d know by now, every effective skin care regimen should have some form of retinol in it. But, it would be folly to think every beauty or skin concern can be solved by one single ingredient.

Beauty 101: Alpha Hydroxy Acids.


The turning point.

If there was one ingredient that marked the turning point in my career in beauty it would have to be Lactic Acid. From the moment I started using this clever ingredient on my skin I was hooked. That was over 10 years ago now and I remain forever the devoted fan.