Is ageing inevitable or just a state of mind?

Is ageing inevitable

Some of us just seem to age better than others.

Why is it that some of us with the passing of time just get, well, old, while others manage to keep a youthfulness that belies their chronological age?
I’m not talking about how many lines begin to trace the face, no, it’s the demeanour, the posture, the way they think and a sense of  serenity.

Confessions of an occasional beauty addict.

Beauty addict

Or why I’m here..

If you have been following The Beauty Issue for a while, or read my about page or my manifesto, then you may have an idea that I began my career in beauty as a beauty therapist. What you may not know is, after a short lived stint working in a beauty salon it became abundantly clear to me, what I loved about beauty therapy was not painting nails, plucking eyebrows or waxing away the hirsute needs of my clients.

No luck required. The art of achieving your dreams.

Achieving your dreams
Desperately seeking something..
There’s literally millions of books and websites dedicated to the subject of goal setting and the achievement of our hopes and dreams. It would be hard to imagine you haven’t at some point in your life picked up a book on this worthy subject. Clearly with the amount of self-help books available, many of us are interested in the how to’s of goal setting and the turning of dreams into realities. 

The trivial pursuit of beauty.

The trivial pursuit of beauty

Nothing more than vanity?

Sometimes events or situations happen in our own lives or in the greater world, so upsetting and disturbing, that many of the things we usually fuss and fight about become insignificant. These are the life events that level us or become catalysts in our lives. These are the times when I am left feeling the subject of beauty is just frivolous, trivial and nothing more than vanity.

Paying my dues to worry. Time to let it go.

Worry. Time to let go.

Ever think you worry too much?

I do. I worry a lot. I even worry about worrying. Sometimes I give myself a break from worry and just over think things. I go over everything in my mind until I think I have come up with a solution. Then there is worrying about other people (loved ones) where the mere act of worrying somehow protects them. Don’t even ask me to explain that one.