Hi, I’m Julie Lardner and this is my website and these are the guiding philosophies of The Beauty issue. 


Julie Lardner

 A manifesto. 

TBI Recommends.

 This is where I recommend products or services, but if they don’t stack up (in my opinion) they will never appear on The Beauty Issue for the sole purpose of financial gain. This will never happen. Never.


Truthful, honest advice.

From the heart. Advice that endeavours to be informative, inspiring and empowers you to make great choices in how to care for your skin, your body and your mind. 


Demystifying skincare and the cosmetic industry.

To get above all the noise and hype and find the answers for you and the information you need to get the results that you never thought possible.


Everyone deserves to feel confident.

We all live better lives when we feel happy, confident and joyful. Feeling good about your outward appearance will bring great rewards to your inward appearance, your inward harmony, your balance.


De-clutter your bathroom cabinet.

If you are ready to leave behind only the products that you love and work for you, then I will show you how. But it may take some courage and commitment on your part.


A global approach to anti ageing beauty.

I will uncover and discuss anti ageing beauty that cares not just for your skin but your body and most importantly your mind.


I will provide opinions.

Honest opinion without the hype or ‘Razzle Dazzle’. Genuine, useful advice will be at the heart of every story.


Introduce you to brands, products and services.

The ones TBI loves, trusts and believes in, that bring you both immediate results and long-term gains.


Uncover and explain the best skin care ingredients.

What they are, how they work for your skin whilst providing you with the best methods of use to make sure they communicate with your skin cells and bring meaningful results.


Finally, to surprise you.

Yes, surprise you, I may even surprise myself. But also, to motivate you to be your best and to uncover what it really takes for all of us to look, feel and be fabulous at every age!

If this all sounds good to you, then there are a couple of things I’d love you to do.



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And secondly.

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I’m keen to know where you’re at with your skin, what your frustrations are, how you feel about ageing. I read and respond to every question and plan future articles around the common issues we all share. I hope I can help, I hope we can all benefit from what I uncover and I’ll be very excited knowing you’re going to be a part of it. 

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