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Can you safeguard your skin this Christmas Season?

Too much alcohol, too much food, too much stress, too much sugar, too much sun. Just too much of everything. Whether you live south of the equator or yours is to be a chilly white Christmas with too much time in front of the fire. All will take their toll on your skin.

As fun as the season can be, you are likely to activate more free radicals and glycation than your body normally would.  The lipid barrier of your skin begins to show signs of stress due to all those late nights, alcohol, and maybe a bit of neglect in your usual skin care routine, I mean after all who cleanses their skin after a night on the tiles? Right? Well, I do, but I think I’m alone on this. I know, I’m a fanatic about it. 
All this Christmas cheer can leave you with dryness, dehydration and breakouts you were definitely not planning on and pigmentation which strangely appears darker, whether that be from too much heat from the sun (even when you are wearing a sunscreen), or the heat response from sitting in front of a cosy fire drinking eggnog, stimulating the enzymes that make any pigmented cells darker and more visible (the heat not the egg nog).


What’s going on?

Glad you asked. When we burn the candle at both ends and eat too much of the wrong things like sugar and processed foods, the glucose derived from the foods you eat and gives energy to every cell in our body becomes sticky.  It’s known as Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’s) and when this happens the glucose molecules begins to stick to protein cells like collagen and elastin bringing about cross-linking which causes premature wrinkling. 
Of course, it is a normal process, but when you overdo it your body gets overloaded with these sticky cells and they become a little dysfunctional.  Sure, once Christmas and the New Year are over, most of us commit to some kind of detox. But, when it comes to our skin, what can be done to prevent some of the damage?


Making it through unscathed.

Of course, it’s a very good idea to increase your vitamin intake and drink plenty of pure water and make sure you are still exercising on most days. But, what about your skin? 
There are a couple of solutions you can do now to get through the season not only unscathed but with a skin that is glowingly healthy. 


Getting your skin ready.

If you want your skin to look amazing over this happy, cheerful, fun albeit, stressful time of the year then now is the time to take a few simple actions to make sure your skin is glowing all the way through to the New Year. 
I’ll be having a Lactic Acid Peel once a week for the next 3 weeks, followed by a vitamin C infusion using sonophoresis (ultrasound technology).
I’ll also be increasing the amount of Vitamin C in my diet and in my skincare routine. I always have some form of vitamin C in my routine, but at this time of year, I want something really powerful, something that doesn’t just stimulate my collagen but protects my lipid barrier from both the external assault of the environment and the internal assault that IS going to take place. I want to minimise the impact of too many roaming free radicals and the sticky problem of glycation. 


Why is vitamin C so important?

I talk about this essential nutrient a lot. I love it. I know how much it is going to improve and protect my skin. Recently I was introduced to a product called Radical Measure by one of my favourite brands, Rationale. Radical Measure!! What a great name, and how apt for the coming silly season when it will indeed be the radical measures you take now that will carry you and your skin through the next few weeks. Unscathed!!

What’s so special about Radical Measure?

Well, it has a high percentage formulation of L-Ascorbic Acid at 20%. Vitamin C is well documented for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, protect the skin from infrared heat and minimises the activation of pigment stimulating enzymes, and supports your protective lipid barrier brilliantly.  L-Ascorbic Acid makes your skin strong and resilient and ready to cope with stress. 


But there is more to this Radical Measure than meets the eye.

This particular vitamin C formula is supported with Blueberry Fruit extract which contains a powerful antioxidant known as anthocyanin which will reduce excessive glycation in the skin and is anti-inflammatory to reduce the ageing enzymes that degrade collagen known as Matrix Metalloproteinase enzymes (MMPs) but as well as this, Blueberry fruit extract will improve the microcirculation of the skin, which is so important if you have a dull, sluggish skin that is under-performing. 
And then there’s Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract. Most of us know dark chocolate is a wonderful antioxidant, but the truth of the matter is, it is the raw cacao that really gives you the most potent antioxidant boost. Whether that be from radical measureconsumption or when found in skin care. Theobroma Cacao is abundant in the nutrient vitamin E which is an essential component to controlling free radicals and glycation and when combined with Vitamin C is a powerful force to be reckoned with.  
Ferulic Acid, is a botanical that not only fights the good fight against free radical activity and glycation but also supports and preserves the potency and protective actions of vitamin C and E, enabling these two star rated performers to work at optimum levels in your skin. 


And finally all these powerful ingredients found in Radical Measure are swimming in a serum formulation consisting of Amino Acids to support your skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), specific Ceramides identical to those found in your own skin to improve your skin’s hydration and strengthen your protective barrier and Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in your skin and essential to the facilitation of all these ingredients as well as binding moisture to the skin where it may otherwise be lost due to the extremes of your environment both externally and internally.

I have been using Radial Measure for a couple of weeks now and I continue to be impressed by Rationale and the products they have to offer, Richard Parker the founder and cosmetic chemist behind this brand is passionate about the skin, but more so, passionate about giving the skin only what it needs, what it recognises, what it has an affinity with. You’ve got to love that. Right? 

And now you.

Is your skin ready for the silly season? Or maybe you’ve got a question? Scroll down a bit and leave a comment or you can shoot me an email over here. 
See you next time,

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Editor’s note: This product is no longer available, but check out the Rationale website for their latest products to deal with glycation in the skin.