7 misunderstood skin conditions and what you can do about them.

7 misunderstood skin conditions

We know so much now. Don’t we?

With so much information at your fingertips, you’d think by now you’d have all the answers and yet you continue to be bombarded with a myriad of advice on some of the most common and often the most annoying and misunderstood skin conditions, leaving you more confused than ever. 


Everything changes and yet, everything stays the same.

I set out nearly two years ago to dispel beauty and skin care myths, to demystify and bring to light a few facts. I’ve enjoyed it. But I am struck that even though it has been many years since I first began advising and teaching on the subject of skin, the same skin conditions continue to be misunderstood. Not just by you, but those dishing out the advice. But this is the internet and it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction. 
Often the advice you’re given can go awry. It’s not so surprising, with so many skincare brands now available, you’d be forgiven for struggling through the quagmire of information available to you.
Despite this, I shall proceed and tackle a few skin conditions that need some light shed upon them. There are many more, but here are 7 commonly misunderstood skin conditions and what you can sensibly do about them.

When you see open pores I see a skin in need of a little refinement.

Very few of us are happy with the size of our pores. Can you do anything about it?

Sometimes, as it is with oily skin types, the skin is merely accommodating the free flow of oil. Other times it’s because the skin around the opening of the follicle has lost its elasticity.  

Then there are the times when your skin feels or looks dry or dehydrated and in an effort to solve one problem you’ll find yourself choosing a moisturiser far too rich for your skin. So much so, you’ll over nourish your skin and end up with open pores. 

Want to know more about your pores and what you can do? Go here.

When you see pimples and acne, I see hormones out of balance.

There are so many reasons why you may have breakouts, pimples or acne and for some of us, they tend to come and go in varying degrees of severity our whole life. It’s not because your skin is unclean, it’s not even because your skin is too oily, although that doesn’t help. Whether your 16, 26 or even 46, acne is a usually a hormonal issue. Can skin care help? Yes, it can, so can chemical peels and if you have scarring, certain types of laser can also help with the aftermath. Want to know more? Go here and here

When you see dehydration, I see a barrier struggling to keep up with the environment.

We’re not born with dehydration, it’s acquired over the years, for some of us sooner than others, depending on how committed (or not) you’ve been to your skin care regimen. You won’t solve this problem by drinking more water, but you can help your skin retain more moisture with better protection and ditching a few skin care habits that will never help. Go here for more solutions. 

7 misunderstood skin conditionsWhen you see blotchy age spots, I see a skin that’s losing the battle against free radical damage.

Oh, the joy of sunshine. It keeps us healthy well into our senior years with the hormone activated by the sun known as Vitamin D. But, year on year too much sun exposure will leave you with an uneven tan. Free radicals will eventually overwhelm the mitochondria of your skin cells and your melanin production will begin to dysfunction leaving you with blotchy pigmentation. You can undo this. Go here to find out how and here to prevent it from coming back.  

When you see red, raw and irritated, I see a defeated skin hoping for change.

Some of us are born with allergic skin, but for some of us, this skin condition is caused by an inability to form an adequate protective lipid barrier. This is dermatitis. But not always, for many of us, the problem of red, irritated skin is a symptom of a skin screaming out for better cleansing, better moisture protection, and less environmental stress. You don’t have to suffer, but you do have to commit. Your solutions can be found here, here and here

When you see wrinkles where once it was smooth, I see expression, laughter and a life.

Laugh lines that just keep getting longer, every expression eventually becomes etched into our faces. We can be proud of our wrinkles, but really? No need to wear them like a badge of honour when you can soften them. After all, this is the 21st century. Help is at hand if you want it. There is, of course, a cautionary tale to tell but with a good attitude and a healthy perspective, you can win the war on ageing. Go here, then here and here

When you see dryness, roughness and flakiness, I see the masquerade of eczema.

You’re so frustrated and you should be. The dryness never ends, the roughness and the flakiness, ever present. In fact, the more you try to scrub it away, the worse it gets. This is no ordinary dry skin problem, You may have eczema.
You’ll never fix this until you stop scrubbing and find the best products for allergy prone skin with a weakened lipid barrier. You will want to go here and here for more on this troubling skin condition. 


And now you?

I’ve covered 7 commonly misunderstood skin conditions, but there are more. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you have a question you’d like answered. Or, if you found this article useful I’d love you to share it with your friends. 
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