5 cosmeceutical skincare brands giving your skin a workout.

Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands

Ever wonder what a Cosmeceutical is?

Have you even heard the term? If you have any kind of obsession with the appearance of your skin then you may know something about cosmeceutical skincare and the brands that like to call themselves one.  But, you’d be forgiven for not knowing, as it is, after all, a made-up word. 
It’s the merging of two words, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, which means you’re buying a product with more active ingredients than most cosmetic skin care brands offer. 


Unfortunately, the word has been used and abused by marketing departments the world over, so much so, it’s hard to sort fact from fiction. 
So, just to clear things up for you, and in my opinion, a ‘true’ cosmeceutical should contain active ingredients that are clinically proven to work on correcting the skin. Or, sometimes referred to as medical grade skin care, which usually indicates an endorsement by cosmetic physicians. 


Does all this matter?

Probably not, but what does matter is whether the product does what it says it is going to do. Ah yes, my friends, there’s the rub.  The real dilemma is not so much the identifying category a product has been anointed (cosmeceutical), but knowing whether the product is going to deliver on results. It’s a conundrum and if you’ve ever aimlessly wandered around a department store hoping and praying for a bit of honest advice, then you know what I mean.


What’s good for you may not be so good for me.

Knowing of a brand’s reputation is one thing, but liking and trusting is quite another.  We’re all different, all unique and you and your skin have your own set of circumstances, problems, concerns and issues. You will have reasons why you gravitate to one product over another, sometimes it’s advice from a friend, or it’s the packaging that clinches the deal, other times it’s the scent of a product or (if you’re lucky) you’ll stumble upon something that just seems to work. For me, after so many years of experience, it’s often intuitive, but of course, an understanding of the science and sophistication behind the brand helps at lot. 


No matter what idiosyncrasies, beliefs or celebrity endorsements bring you to your decision, what’s truly important is the workout your skin’s going to get with a cosmeceutical skincare brand..

Your skin, like your body, will benefit from a regular cosmeceutical workout.

 If your products are going to perform, they need to 1), correct the errors of the past 2), bring your skin back to a state of normality and then when you’re ready 3), get your skin working as nature intended. Efficiently and effortlessly. But, of course, as time goes by the efficiency and effortless activities of the skin do begin to slow down, which is why you will need the powerhouse active ingredients of a good cosmeceutical regimen to give your skin a great workout.


Like all good workouts, it’s going to hurt, well, actually when it comes to your skin, it’s more like a tingling sensation and occasionally (especially in the beginning), you may experience some redness in the skin. This is normal and part of the restorative powers of products that contain highly active ingredients. Just take it easy and start your regimen slowly.


5 Cosmeceutical brands keeping their promise.

So today I’d like to present you with 5 cosmeceutical skin care brands that do indeed live up to their own reputations in delivering results.
Of course, as good as these 5 stars are, they are only as good as your commitment to them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stick with it!
For a brand to deliver results, you will have to commit and follow any professional advice you are given. If not, then there’s really not much point spending any of your hard-earned money on these worthy contenders.
But, if you are ready to commit, then these 5 cosmeceutical brands are worth a closer look. No need to mix and match, each of these brands will have a unique system intended to deliver what they promise.


Brands to Love. RationaleRationale

I worked for Rationale a couple of years ago and I can honestly say, this is a beautiful product to use and always delivers. Created and formulated by cosmetic chemist extraordinaire Mr. Richard Parker. Rationale’s Isotropic skin care formulations are skin identical and preservative free. What I love about this skin care range is the affinity with the skin, which means Rationale formulations offer improved delivery of active ingredients to target cells, enhancing cellular communication and strengthening the all-important skin barrier function. For Rationale, skin integrity equates to a luminous healthy skin at any age. I like that and I love the passion and wholehearted determination Richard and his team bring to this wonderful product. 




This product was my first real foray into the wonderful world of cosmeceutical skincare brands. I worked with Ultraceuticals for 5 years and during that time trained many beauty therapists in this fantastic product. So I feel I know it well and a brand always close to my heart. Developed by cosmetic physician Dr. Geoffrey Heber, this brand born in Australia has a keen understanding of protecting and rejuvenating the skin in a harsh climate. I have always been impressed with Dr. Heber’s insistence on clinical research and studies to back up the brand. Collaborating with renowned universities and leading researchers, they remain at the forefront of innovation with sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent anti ageing ingredients forming a simple regimen that delivers discernible results. I particularly love their exceptional range of Vitamin C products. 


DermaquestBrands to love.

This is not a product that I have such an intimate knowledge of, but what I see I really like. Founded by award-winning cosmeceutical chemist Sam Dhatt, what I love about this brand is the idea of taking the skin on a journey and like all good journey’s it begins with the end in mind. Nothing can be achieved without getting the fundamentals right. Restoration and bringing balance back to the skin is at the heart of this journey and the continuous quest for optimal skin health. Amen to that. Dermaquest is keen on formulating and harnessing the power of stem cell innovations for the skin. Worth a look. 


Brands to love. SynergieSynergie Skin

This Australian brand was founded in 2005, so in the scheme of things, the new kid on the block, but by no means a novice. Terri Vinson is the founder and creator of this brand and puts all her knowledge into protecting, creating change and nurturing the skin. I have tried the basic daily regimen in this range and I do like it. Terri has some great video’s worth taking a peek at over at the Synergie skin website if you want to get a feel for the brand. 

Brands to Love. Alpha HAlpha H

Another great Australian success story. Alpha-H takes the skin out of its comfort zone in order to make a difference that is evident and genuine. Founded on the promise of replenishing and rejuvenating the skin, Michelle Doherty heads up this Australian brand. It is a cosmeceutical skin care brand that delivers fast & meaningful results with predictable, scientific, pharmaceutical effects and ingredients that are going to give the best outcome for the skin. An impressive range you can find here if you live in Australia or here for everywhere else. 


Where to next?

If you are wondering about the fundamentals of a good skin care regimen you may like to read an article I wrote here or if you are interested in any of these cosmeceutical skincare brands, then I suggest contacting the companies directly or visit their websites where they will happily advise you on where you can experience a personalised consultation and buy the products. I’ve included links to all the brands websites or affiliated sites.


And now you.

If you’re intrigued or have more questions and would like to get in touch with me, fantastic, you can either leave a comment below or shoot me an email. I respond personally to all questions and if you liked this article why not share it with your friends using the social media links below. 
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