4 Women who inspire.

Women who inspire

We all have inspirational women in our lives, or people that spur us on.

Whether that be in our immediate life or from afar. Perhaps, it’s a parent, a sister or a best friend. Or, maybe it’s someone who seems to be in such a lofty position we can only dream of what their lives must be like, and yet they inspire. 

Today, I want to share with you a few gals that have inspired me. Particularly in the last 12 month. None of these women found success or happiness without their own fair share of struggle. Having turned a corner in my own path in recent times, I find inspiration in the choices these women have made, the path less travelled or is it just the sliding door of fate. Or a bit of both?


Finding the courage to choose.

If life really is a series of sliding doors, then perhaps it’s helpful to take a peek into the lives of those of us who also stood, staring, worrying and wondering which door to open, which path would lead to success and happiness.
So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to 4 of my favourite women. Women who had the courage to hang on, keep believing and change course to follow their dreams.
Of course, it would be of no surprise to me, if you already know of these ladies in which case consider this my little hommage to them rather than an introduction.


Sarah Wilson

Sarah WilsonSarah’s story is an inspirational one. An Australian writer and journalist and formerly the editor of the Australian women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, until, in 2008 Sarah found herself at a point in her career where, what once seemed easy and fun, had become difficult and out of balance.
For Sarah, life came to a crashing thud following the diagnosis of the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. A turning point and perhaps a defining moment in Sarah’s life.. Struggling with an illness with many mysterious and debilitating symptoms and a dream in tatters. Not a comfortable place to find yourself and yet,  a very new, although at times difficult chapter was about to begin in Sarah’s life.
This led to Sarah’s own personal quest for a healthier more balanced life and while experimenting with various ideas to solve her own health issues, stumbled up one idea that struck a chord with her. To give up sugar. 
An eager audience, and a ground swell of people wanting to follow Sarah’s lead led to the birth of a business. Sarah now has many books published on the subject and the iquitsugar.com website is a place where you will find the help and support you need if you are thinking of doing the same.
But it’s not just about sugar. Sarah inspires many to change their lifestyle and to seek out a more moderate, thoughtful way of living and eating. Sarah’s a a success story still in the making.
If you are looking for meaningful change in both your health and a more mindful and balanced approach to life, then you will enjoy what Sarah has to say.


Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorteDanielle Laporte hails from Canada and is a writer and quite the inspirational one. She has inspired many to get on the bus of life and take the proverbial journey. But first, Danielle challenges us to take a moment to think about how we want to feel when we reach our destination. Is it a lofty goal of somewhat undefined success, or is it to feel love, joy, abundance, creativity etc… How do you want to feel? Is the enduring message of Danielle’s work.
Danielle has published two books, the intriguing, thought provoking book Fire Starter Sessions, a guide to creating success on your own terms and The Desire Map, a guide to creating goals with soul. Next time you sit down to write down your goals, maybe jot down your desires first. Maybe, get to know how you want toThe Desire Map feel first. Let’s see where that takes us. For me,  setting goals in this way brings clarity.
I’m one of those people that waits for signs. I wait for the right opportunity, not through a sense of entitlement, no, more out of fear of making the wrong decision. I get myself down to the bus stop of life and I wait, and I wait. Finally the bus arrives, I sing hallelujah, but then, I stand there, hesitating. Do I get on this bus? Is this the right bus? Or is there another one coming along that will get me to where I want to go? What if I don’t like the final destination? What if, what if.. and more what ifs. How do I want to feel? It’s a great question worth exploring. Want more inspiration with soul? Danielle and her soulful books can be found here.


Carla Coulson

Carla CouslonCarla lives in France and has made a living from her passion for photography. I’ve retold Carla’s story many times to anyone who cares to listen. It’s the dream many of us share, but rarely have the courage to act on.  For Carla, after many years as a very successful business woman living in Sydney, Australia she found herself wondering, as we all are apt to at some point. Is this all there is? Many months of unhappiness and unease passed, until one night a single moment of sameness came crashing down and a realisation that despite a successful business, it was not the success she hoped for. It was time to change.
Naples. A way of love
Happiness comes in so many guises, again it is not always in the place where we thought or planned it to be. With this moment of clarity, Carla took action and transformed her life. Most of us, never have the courage to do this, Carla did!
Once a corporate junkie, Carla now lives the life she dreamed of and after picking up a camera while in Italy, found her true passion, photography, along with the love of her life. 
The stuff of fairytales? Yep. But you wont find one here.  life really can take you in the direction you hoped, it’s all about finding the courage to follow the path you didn’t think you could.
The very talented Carla Coulson is not only an accomplished photographer but also has 6 books in print, showcasing her art. Her most recent book Naples. A Way of Love can be found here.


Megan Hess

Megan HessI absolutely adore the illustrations of Megan Hess and was delighted to meet her at a recent Harper’s Bazaar event. The sheer elegance and beauty of Megan’s illustrations inspire and transport me, usually to somewhere in Paris.
Megan’s story is not the overnight success you might assume. Despite outward appearances, it’s rarely like that. For Megan, the call came back in 2006, just when Megan thought she couldn’t design another pizza box cover, Candace Bushnell’s (Sex and the City) publisher got in touch. Megan’s passion, her fashion illustrations, were finally being noticed and Megan was invited to illustrate the next novel “One Fifth Avenue” for Candace.
Fashion HouseThis pivotal moment of success, led to illustrative work for companies such as Tiffany & Co. Channel, Dior, Cartier, Vanity Fair… the list goes on and a dream comes true. But perhaps one of Megan’s proudest moments has come in recent times when asked to be the creative patron for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
Megan is a true inspiration and if you too are in need of a little bit of beauty in your day, you can find all of Megan’s work here. Megan has also published her own book, Fashion House which you can find here.


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Writing about these 4 fabulous women and reflecting on their lives, is affirming. Is it time to consider making bold choices in life? Making plans that collide with desires, but all the while having the courage to veer off if needed. Most importantly these women remind us of the great rewards that come from being courageous,  trusting in yourself, being in the moment, engaged and present, and when the ‘opportunity bus’ rolls on in, get on. You never know. You just never know.


See you next time, 


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