To peel or not to peel, that’s the question..

Marilyn Birthday

Another year, another wrinkle.

Last years birthday pics troubled you. Of course, you’re confident, assured and yet, seeing those changes is unsettling. It’s subtle but you can’t deny your beginning to notice a change in your appearance.
Those lines around your mouth? When did they appear? And, as if out of nowhere, you seem to have little brown patches appearing around your eyes and on your cheeks.  Then you notice what can only be described as a brown mottling on your chest area. What the heck is going on there?  Oh no!! Could this be, gulp, signs of ageing!?


Not one to be scared easily, you can fix this.

Where’s that super expensive cleanser you bought just after Christmas, the one you were sure was going to deliver as promised?  The consultant convinced you and it cost so much, it must be good. Right? Maybe.
But hey, you always fall for that stuff, you can’t walk into a cosmetic department without buying some kind of “promise in a jar”.  
And now you’re left feeling a little foolish, deep down you believe nothing works… But still, where is it?
Oh… yeah, it’s in the bathroom cabinet, hardly used, but it’s okay, the guilt of going to bed with your makeup on every night only lasts a couple of minutes as you drift off to sleep, by morning yesterday’s troubles are but a mere black smudge under your eyes, easily fixed in the shower with a bit of soap and water.


This is depressing.

There are days when just a fleeting glimpse of your reflection can send you into a spin.  Let’s just keep every room in the house dimly lit from here on in. It’s far more ambient anyway. Problem solved! 
But still, it’s nagging at you, why is it every magazine cover has an unattainable image of the women you want to be. Why does every celebrity the very same age as you manage to look so amazing? Ageless and effortlessly.
Okay, it’s clever lighting, airbrushed photography and they have a cast of thousands making them look good.
Even so, you ponder. What’s their secret? It seems like superstardom comes with a secret code to the “amazing-skincare-that-works” vault.  


You don’t care!

But hey, you don’t care, you’re too busy. Next year when your turning [insert your age], you’ll make sure you’ve had plenty of sleep and a facial before your birthday celebrations and you’ll try to avoid the usual obligatory round of photos! But wait, it’s your party so that’s going to be difficult. You lament when back in the day tagging was a type of non-contact football tackle, not a guaranteed invite into cyberspace, FOREVER! Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter… OMG, you need to lie down, you’ll think about all this tomorrow.
It’s around about now when you shake yourself back into reality and tell yourself, it really is all okay. You’ve accepted it. You’re at an age in life where you can finally feel confident. It’s a time of great liberation and yet, you’re not so sure?


Okay, so you want beautiful skin, great skin or just better skin than you have now. You even obsess over it, just a little. Is it really too much to ask?


You’re so vain. Really?

Of course, you are, we all are. It’s human nature. But it’s weird getting older, it’s strange to see someone you don’t entirely recognise looking back at you in the mirror every morning. It’s hard to adjust. It’s, well, it’s unsettling. 
I see it this way. I want to accept the way I age. I want to be proud of the woman I’m becoming and sure, in a world full of strife, my wrinkles are insignificant, but even so, we all do better when we feel good about ourselves.
When it comes to your skin, your goal, or let’s say your quest should be for healthy skin because you see, how well you age is determined by the health of your organs and like every other organ of the body, your skin is no exception. It needs your attention if it’s to age beautifully.


Your skin, IS AMAZING and like every other cell in your body, the cells of your skin are a wonder to behold. Your skin keeps you together, protects you from invading bacteria and viruses, controls your body temperature, sometimes it even indicates your internal health. Your skin rocks! A little respect is in order.. 


So what to do?

You already take pretty good care of your skin,  you cleanse; most of the time, you didn’t always, but you’re getting better at it, and these days you always apply sunscreen, but still, with all this effort, still the march of time with changes in your skin that seem to appear overnight. What else is there to do?
Well as it turns out, plenty.  Muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, laser, even surgery is becoming the norm. They all help kick back on ageing, but when it comes to the texture and condition of your skin? There’s something else you can and should do. 


Let’s talk about Professional Peels

I’d like to demystify them a little, remove the scary image of red, burning, blistering skin from your mind and show you how amazing your skin can be with a little extra help to bring back your natural glow and improve the health of your largest organ. 
But perhaps you’re a veteran when it comes to peel procedures and you have your dermatologist on speed dial whenever you’re in need or, maybe like me you need a bit of convincing.


Truth is, there was a time, when the idea of a chemical peel touching my skin was Sacré bleu! Mais non!! Absolutely never!!


It was quite a few years ago, but I remember the day as if it was yesterday.
As a beauty therapist with many years of experience, I was somewhat of a ‘purist’ in my skin care beliefs, until one day I was told by the education manager of the company I had just started working for that, despite my protestation I would have a chemical peel!  So there it was, just like that, a little speechless, my first chemical peel was scheduled.
I considered calling in sick on the day, but curiosity overcame me and the rest, as they say, is history. From that day I’ve never looked back. 
I’m now happy to say, I’m a HUGE advocate of chemical peels. The change in my skin seemed almost instant. My skin looked fresher, more radiant, and dare I say, younger. Was it my imagination? I don’t think so and to this day I continue to have professional peels. 


But chemicals! Really?

Now I can almost hear you saying, but Julie… They’re CHEMICALS!! Well, yes, but then, so is water… Everything has a chemical composition, but most of us associate the word chemical with bad, nasty things that are going to hurt us, so just to be clear,  it’s the chemical substances deemed as hazardous to your health that you should be wary of and that’s not chemical skin peels. 
So the big question? To peel or not to peel? Is it safe? Should you take the leap? Well, it depends and despite being a massive fan of professional peels, there is no room for complacency. You should always exercise caution. 


Chemical peels when administered by an experienced skin care professional should never harm you or your skin. 


With a little bit of knowledge and common sense on your part, you can safely experience the benefits of regular chemical peels, you can be amazed at how good your skin can look.
But of course,  ALWAYS seek out the right advice and ALWAYS have your peel procedure administered by a skin care professional which, depending on the peel you’re having could be a beauty therapist or in the case of stronger, deeper peels it would be and should be a cosmetic physician or dermatologist.


What kind of peel is best?

Again it depends, there are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Phenol Peels, TCA Peels, Jessner Peels, Fruit Enzyme Peels, Purple Peels, Green Peels and on it goes.  Most cosmeceutical skin care brands have a chemical peel formulation in their arsenal and the one that’s right for you will be determined by the condition of your skin and whether you’re in the care of a beauty therapist, a dermatologist or cosmetic physician.


Uncovering the best of the best and my personal favourites.

Yes, I’m going to go deep on this subject, explaining exactly what’s happening to your skin when you have a peel and rather than fear chemical peels you may begin to consider embracing them as a way of achieving radiant skin health.  
Not only will I reveal my personal favourites, but I will seek out what is currently available, find the best on offer and I’ll be sharing everything I find out right here at The Beauty Issue. So hang tight and keep a look out for my peel series where all will be revealed to help you get your glow on. 
In the meantime, I’ve created a checklist that will help you. As I said, knowledge and common sense go a long way when deciding on chemical peels. Click on over to my Chemical peels checklist, it’s a very good starting point. 

And now you?

Before I sign off, I’d really like to know of your experience with chemical peels. A veteran of the chemical peel? Found your perfect potion? Dermatologist on speed dial?  Or, are you still sitting on the fence, a little wary about taking the plunge? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear all about your experiences, the good and the bad and I’ll tackle all your fears and worries and answer any burning questions you may have in my upcoming peel series. 
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See you next time,
The Beauty Issue