2015 Non-Surgical Symposium

A non surgical way to beauty.

Thinking of non surgical corrective and cosmetic enhancement like injectable toxins and dermal fillers, the stereotype of beautiful celebrities unsatisfied with their appearance for all the world to see comes to mind.
The image of the ageing movie star or the young wannabe with ridiculously inflated lips leave me with an opinion of beauty I’d personally like to avoid. The image looking back at us across the internet is hard to avoid and yet like a train wreck so hard to look away.

All this has no doubt left many of us with a false impression of what it can mean to embark on a series of non surgical treatments to improve our own appearance. An impression that it’s either too extreme, we’re just not into it or the mere thought brings chills. What if it all goes horribly wrong? What if I look terrible or they make a mistake or I end up looking like a caricature of my former self? 
But then there are the images you rarely see, these are the everyday people who, for whatever reason are desperately unhappy with their appearance and look to the aesthetic non-surgical industry to make the subtle changes to improve or correct. Vanity? Well, the world can be a very cruel place and whether we like it or not, favours beauty.

The aesthetic non-surgical industry can change lives in a very positive way. 

The 2015 Non-Surgical Symposium

Being invited to the 2015 non-surgical symposium gives a rare view from the other side. The symposium is a chance for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians to come together from far and wide to listen to both international and local speakers sharing their experiences, results and know-how with a wider audience.
The symposium was held in Melbourne this year and for someone who watches this industry from the side lines it was comforting to hear from speakers from the U.S. commenting on Australian aesthetics leading the way in the options available for anyone wanting to take the plunge into non-surgical cosmetic enhancement or correction.
But for me there was an overriding theme to this years conference as presented by Dr. Mark Mangussen, the symposium convener and that is, to manage the expectations of the patient in order to help them reach realistic aesthetic goals and achieve as natural a look as possible. 


The landscape is changing and for the better.

It’s exciting to think a combination of modalities can bring you so much more than was previously on offer as little as 10 years ago.
The theme of setting realistic goals for the patient while maintaining the importance of aesthetic synergy; where far better outcomes are achieved, was an important message that needs to flow through to both the practitioner and patient.
This aesthetic synergy represents the use of well formulated cosmeceutical skin care and nutraceutical alternative medicine before, during and after any treatment, both surgical and non surgical along with treatments like botox, fillers and light an laser therapies to provide the patient with far better results and healing times.


Finding your beauty in one place.

More and more, the aesthetic practitioner is looking for a more holistic approach in the way they treat their patients. If you thought a trip to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon was just for a nip and tuck then think again. Being a non surgical symposium this event brings together all the allied and complementary treatments on offer to surgeons and practitioners, giving you as the patient so many more options before you ever need to consider going under the knife and now more than ever cosmetic practitioners are looking for aesthetic synergy in how they approach their patients. This is good news for everyone. 


Finding proof in real life.

It was interesting to hear big pharmaceutical companies like Galderma discuss not only the growth potential of the industry but the need for a balanced and natural approach to cosmetic enhancement. Amen to that! Galderma is leading the way with a campaign to gain the trust of the patient by achieving a natural look. As it should be.
Actress, Sharon Stone is their newly acquired ambassador and launched Galderma’s international campaign in Berlin last month. Galderma is challenging the idea and perhaps misconception that aesthetic treatments create extreme results.


non-surgical symposium

Gaining trust.

The very reason why so many of us still hesitate before considering cosmetic enhancing toxins and fillers (myself included) is the fear of an extreme and unrealistic result.
Galderma are keen to gain our trust by providing examples of the subtle results that can be achieved in real life. I like it! 10 twins have been chosen to undergo various injectable enhancements to show how natural and refreshed an enhanced look can be.
In the right hands with an experienced cosmetic practitioner and you can achieve both excellent and natural results, subtle enough not to be noticed by anyone but yourself, but not so subtle that you don’t feel you’ve achieved a more refreshed version of you, circa 10 years ago. For Gladerma this is proof in real life. 
Dr. Steven Liew from Shape Clinic in Sydney presented the Galderma workshop and Dr. Dan Kennedy whose practice is based in Brisbane, Queensland showed new and revised techniques to bring about a natural and refreshed look using the latest toxin and dermal fillers from Galderma.   
You can see the Proof in Real Life campaign here.


Realistic and Natural.

It’s a big business. With realistic and natural results at its heart. Who doesn’t want to look natural. But realistic goals? Yes, sometimes we do look to the aesthetic industry to create one of those stereotypes we see flashed across the internet or we want more than we should or we have the false belief that somehow these often unrealistic changes will make us happier.
For me, it’s a bit like losing weight or winning the lottery, sure it makes life better, in some cases much better, but if you don’t have inner confidence and a healthy self-esteem you’ll never find happiness in the aesthetic changes you seek or your unrealistic expectations just can’t be met and you’ll be forever disappointed. 


So much more than toxin and dermal fillers.

The non-surgical aesthetic industry is a huge ever-growing industry and it was great to see the rise in results-driven treatments on offer providing the practitioner and patient with cutting edge technology. From light based technologies for the removal of unsightly pigmentation or a regrettable tatoo to facial rejuvenation to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Companies like CynoSure, Inova AestheticsSyneron-Candela and Device Technologies all had something to offer from the superficial to the deeper treatments required for conditions like acne scarring with Erbium Laser.
There was also continued interest in skin needling from companies like Dermastamp and cosmeceutical company Environ and medical grade peels continue to be a mainstay in most practices. 


Aesthetic synergy with cosmeceutical skin care.

Given my own background in cosmeceutical skin care it was pleasing to hear keynote speakers like Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel a surgeon from Dallas, Texas discuss the importance of aesthetic synergy between medical grade skin care and far better outcomes for patients undergoing non-surgical laser treatments. Associate Professor Greg Goodman a practicing dermatologist and Chief of Surgery at the Skin and Cancer Foundation reiterated the importance for topically applied skin care and presented an overview of the various active ingredients in skin care proven to work. Dr. Hema Sundaram a board certified dermatologist and the founder and director of an aesthetic dermatology practice in suburban Washington also presented; of particular note were her publications on the topics of fillers, toxins, lasers and cosmeceuticals.
Cosmeceutical skin care companies Dermaquest, Rationale, Ultraceuticals, Synergie Skin and Environ as well as Dermocosmetica, Elizabeth Arden Pro, Skinceuticals, Medik8, Osmosis, and Obaji were all present at the symposium. I’ll be sharing more much on these brands over the coming weeks. What’s new, what’s emerging and who to take a closer look at. Stay tuned!


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