20 Ways to slow down, reboot and push back on ageing.

20 Ways to slow down, reboot and push back ageing.

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks of fast living in Sydney. I lived in Sydney for 18 years and I love Sydney, but for the last couple of years, circumstances led me to a life in the country, which I talk about here.  I swapped stilettos for sneakers and if you knew me well, you’d know this was a significant change.

Sydney seems even busier than ever and I’m really not sure if it’s me that has changed or Sydney?  Everyone seemed to be in such a rush? To where? Who knows. 


We’re living in a fast world.  Information flies at us at lightening speed. News stories come and go before we can even think to ponder their implications on our lives. Everyday, we are bombarded with ideas, products and solutions with the promise to make our lives somehow better.

So all this rushing around got me thinking about the impact on our health,  the quality of our sleep, our furrowed brows, our stress levels, our impaired digestion.  Finding ways to slow down and finding time for ourselves may be more important than ever if we are to live healthy, happy and productive lives. 

So today,  with all this in mind. 20 Ways to slow down, reboot and do a few little things to help push back on time and the ageing of your skin, your body and your mind.

1. Be conscious of what you put into your body.

Your body really is a temple and being aware of what you allow to enter this ‘oh holiest of temples ‘ will make a difference. Read labels, avoid sugar, choose natural, unpackaged foods, minimise vegetable oils, eat lots of green vegetables and good quality protein.

2. Visit your dentist at least once a year for a check-up and clean.

I know, one of your least favourite things to do, and you just don’t have the time. But, you do have the time and in the years to come, you will be so glad you took the time to care for your pearly whites. The health of your mouth impacts your whole body not to mention the impact on your confidence. Make the appointment now. 

3. Move. Exercise daily.

If you’re now groaning at the thought, think how your joints are going to sound in 20 years from now. Walk, stretch, move.

4. Maintain a healthy weight balance.

It gets harder as we get older, but not impossible.  Eat well, move every day with some form of exercise and you will maintain a healthy weight balance. It’s not about dieting or restriction; it’s about choosing health.  

5. Read, think, act.

Keep yourself engaged, keep learning, read a good book, turn off the TV and put down the mobile device, unless it’s a tablet and you’ve found yourself a great read, and I don’t mean Facebook!

6. Enjoy the silence.

As Mozart once said so beautifully, the music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.

7. Choose wisely those who you journey through life with.   

Life is not a game of musical chairs, don’t sit on the closest chair just because you think the music has stopped. There are other chairs, other games, new opportunities. Don’t settle. You will be happier for it. 

8. Give. Be generous.

In time, in love, in your natural gifts. The world needs them.

9. Don’t complain about the weather.

Every day is a gift, an incredible awe-inspiring gift. Live it as well as you can. Rain, hail or shine. 

10. Find joy in who you are.

In your uniqueness, beyond the flaws you think you have, find joy in just being you and being here.

11. Wear sunscreen.

Nothing else needs to be said, except perhaps if you are looking for a good one? Go here.

12. Cleanse your skin thoughtfully every night.

Wash away the day, the makeup, the grime, the noise and the nonsense. Everything is better when your skin glows with good health and the right cleanser for your skin. Go here to find out what’s best for you. 

13. Sleep well. Nothing works as well as a good night of sleep. 

Turn off the day. Step away from your mobile devices. Turn your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary. Switch coffee for calming herbal drinks. Read fictional books that take you far away from the thoughts of your day and into another world. If you can’t switch off? Keep a notepad or journal by your bedside; write it all down, then move on to peaceful slumber. 

14. Quit Sugar.

You will feel better. Your body will thank you; your skin will age better and despite what you may think, your mind will be clearer. If you want to know more about quitting sugar, I’ve written about it here and here. 

15. Enjoy a small glass of red wine with your evening meal.

Full of antioxidants to fight free radicals. But of course, in moderation. 

16. Indulge in the things YOU love.

Those things that bring you joy and are healthy for your mind, body and spirit.  Thoughtful, enriching indulgences, which cause no harm to you or others. 

17. Change your attitude to ageing.

Being and staying positive about how you age does not mean lazy or not caring, quite the opposite. Take pride in who you are. Think about the quality of the food you eat. Improve your mood by making that little bit of extra effort in caring for your hair, your skin, your body and your mind.  Take time for you. Find love in others and yourself. Find the joy in just being the age you are today. You are unique, embrace your wisdom. You have a great story to tell. Share it. 

18. Moisturise all over. Everyday.

Buy the best you can afford, always go for quality creams. Your skin needs the extra help a good moisturiser can provide. A hydrated, moist skin ages better. Wondering where to find the best moisturiser? My favourite brands can be found here. 

19. Hydrate. 

Your skin, your body and your incredible mind need water. Drink at least 8 big glasses a day. 

20. Discover mindfulness.

Be present. Listen. Look up and look around. Enjoy this moment.


Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

                                                                                                                      Oprah Winfrey..


To be honest, I don’t think it matters where you live, urban life or rural retreat. Going slow and rebooting to live your life well is a state of mind that can be achieved anywhere and at any time. As Oprah says, it’s all about living in this moment, right now, because it’s all you’ve got or in the words of another great leader and icon of the 20th Century.


See you next time, 

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