In search of the perfect moisturiser.

What are you looking for?

Statistically, finding the perfect moisturiser is the one thing women are more interested in than any other skincare product. 
When I read this little bit of info, to be honest, I was a bit confounded?  I’ve been known to say, more than once, when it comes to moisturising your skin, it’s probably the least important part of your beauty routine. But of course, you’ve probably never heard me say it, but if we met, well, I’d say it.
Read on, and I’ll share what I know to be true.

25,000 skin care products worldwide. Which one is right for you?

The Beauty Issue

25,000 skincare products!

25,000!! When I heard that statistic, it got me thinking? With so much choice and so many promises, how do you know which skin care product or brand is right for you? I know. It’s confusing and overwhelming. Now, here’s another thought, there are a bazillion beauty blogs, Instagram influencers and websites offering you advice. Of course, with a worldwide population of 7 billion, a bazillion perhaps is still not enough.

The Power of Peptides for the Skin.


Peptides for the skin? Do you need them?

Sometimes, there are skincare ingredients like peptides for the skin that interest. But, they seem a little mysterious or, too good to be true.

They sound like something your skin needs, and the beauty consultant thought you did too. But, they couldn’t explain why? You want to trust them; after all, it’s a well-known brand with a good reputation. So, why not? Right? 

With so many ingredients popping up every second minute, you’d be wise to consider why you need them before spending your money.

Niacinamide: 8 reasons why it’s a must have in your beauty regimen.


So many ingredients so little time.

You’d be forgiven for feeling confused when it comes to choosing your skincare. After all, everyone has a point of view and every brand wants you to believe they have the secret to skincare utopia. But, in truth, we can narrow it down to, not hundreds of ingredients but a handful that truly work. One such ingredient is Niacinamide.

5 cosmeceutical skincare brands giving your skin a workout.

Cosmeceuticals Skin Workout

Ever wonder what a Cosmeceutical is?

If you’re interested in the appearance of your skin, then you may know something about cosmeceutical skin care and some of the brands making this claim. But, as it’s a made-up word it may be new to you. 

Unfortunately, the word cosmeceutical has been used and abused by marketing departments the world over, so much so, it’s hard to sort fact from fiction.